Toys for 22p!

Don't think anyone will ever offer better than this!

Only snag is the £2.99 p + p. Still a good excuse to treat yourself to something a little(or big) extra !

even tho they are 22p, they are not that gud products..i still wouldn't buy them

It is a great offer. If I had plans to buy something I'd definately add them to the basket (I can't resist a bargain), but I don't want them badly enough to order just them.

Yeah you'd just add them to your order for the hell of it. They are what they are, simple ben wa balls. They don't look that crap. Good stocking fillers!

The 22p Prolong ring gets some good reviews some bad - a good review from Bath Bi-Guy must count for something!

Duotone Balls still waiting for the first review - anyone got some yet?

Oh... I thought I did a review for some of those things many moons ago but it seems I only reviewed the rubber set not the plastic ones! ooops.

Just dug the beasties out, they are white not black but exactly the same otherwise, even called duotone.

Ah what I do in the name of research! ;-)