Toys for DP

The OH I'd really getting into DP and loves me and a but plug at the same time. But if you had to cos from one of these which would you pick.
Read the reviews and can't decide. Help me please.

I much prefer the one with the actual penis shape, just because it looks nicer overall. I've been looking at getting one of these for my OH but haven't chosen one yet myself. Out of those two I'd definitely pick the black one, although that wasn't one of the ones I was looking at getting for myself.

I would choose the second one because it's more realistic for the feel of being dp'd

We don't have either of these but we do have the Lovehoney beaded double fun vibrating penetrator which is similar. The problem I have with these kind of toys is that that anal part is quite small. I'm used to a good weighty plug and this kind of toy definitely lacks in the anal department x