Toys for the Uninformed?

Hey there,

(Very new to this) I'm looking for recommendations for a toy (or more) to help me reach the all elusive orgasm that my (failed) four year relationship never mustered. I'm hoping that someone will take pity on the twenty-two year old female whose head is spinning from all the options but having no clue what is actually going to help!

Sorry if this seems inappropriate.

All the best,


Welcome. Of course it isnt inappropriate, thats what the forums are for xx

I would suggest starting with a decent bullet vibrator. Bullets are ideal for pin point stimulation and the better quality ones also pack a decent punch on their higher speeds.

I would also recommend at some point, purchasing a larger toy that offers clitoral stimulation because you will start to notice a difference in the "feel" of the vibrations. Gnerally smaller bullet toys are more buzzy, faster, pin point,surface level vibrators, whereas larger toys can often offer more rumbling vibrations that are more diffuse. These vibrations travel deeper into your tissue. Rabbit vibrators (The ears) are pin point like bullet vibes but also seem to travel a bit deeper.

See it is very difficult to know what to recommend because not only do all toys feel slightly different, or very different, but people have different tastes too.

Anyway my advice would be rather than recommend some products I personally like, I would say remember the above advice about different sensations, try to avoid anything too cheap (Nothing more off putting to a new person than a bad vibrator) and dont give up if the first toy you try isnt for you. trust me, I went through a few before I narrowed down my preferences and I am sure a lot of other girls did too. Narrow down your search and read reviews on the products you like to form an opinion. Start simple.

Oh dear I think I may have made your head spin even more. I am sorry if so xx Good luck on your search and remember to come back and tell us how it went. nothing better than a happy ending x

Also here are some links to the lovehoney blog for advice for beginners buying toys:

Maybe these might help more than my ramblings haha x

If you are still in a relationship, wevibe three, it was our first toy and from a male point of view isnt very threatening

If not, get a bullet, possibly a wand.

Depends on how much you want to spend :)

My first and still my favourite is my Basics Wickedly Orgasmic Love Egg

I then got a ladylsut finger free with my 2nd order and now I'm after something bigger and thicker - I think I'm becoming addicted ;-)

Not inappropriate at all :) 100% agree with Fluffbags! Don't go too cheap on your first toy as you don't want to be put off but at the same time perhaps start off mid range while you get an idea of what sort of product you would like. Remember if you buy something and it isn't for you Lovehoney accept returns within a year :)

Hi Lady Amalthea, welcome to the forums! I'm not offended by your post at all, it's a great first post in my opinion! My head was spinning when I first discovered LoveHoney too, and I'll back up Fluffbags as she is one of the best forum members here for giving advice, always sticking to the subject and reccommending stuff for you rather than things she likes. The LoveHoney blogs about sex toys (Fluffbags' second post) are very useful. Try looking at those to make a good first decision.

You'll never forget your first!

I could have posted your post myself, I am 31 and happily married but had never had an orgasm or anything close to it!

I have recently experienced lovely stimulation using a vibrator on my clitoris - the first a bullet vibrator but the batteries go flat very quickly so I bought a ladylustfinger from Love Honey to try - it's only £2.99 and it takes an AA battery so you can put in a rechargeable. It still takes quite a long time but I have experienced lovely sensations with this so we have bought the love egg as well which is very powerful!! Not as great sensations when inserted but still much better than I have ever experienced!