Toys for us Boys - Any Reccomendations to help towards my next purchase?

Hi All,

I am looking to expand my toy collection and am looking for reccomedations.

I currently own some but plugs of various sizes, but am looking for some new toys to play with :-). Ideally they need to be for solo use and can be anything for the LH collections, anything at all.

What do you own and what would you highly reccommend?


i got my partner


and this:

he likes both and says they are quite different. the only problem is that they are a little noisy. the first needs an oil base lube and is the noisiest, the second is quieter and comes all set up with a very nice lube but is quite messey and designed for one use only but if kept clean will last longer.

If you are looking for masturbation devices then the Fleshlight range are usually high on people's lists (don't own one myself though) but I do own a Doc Johnson "vagina" (though it seems they no longer sell the one I own on here) and that's got a rather nice feel to it.

If you want to test then you could always buy a chastity device and lock yourself away! You'd be surprised at how much more pleasurable masturbation can be after not being able to touch yourself for a few days (or weeks if you are very disciplined!)

I recommend a Vibrating Cock Ring with variable speeds. I have one that can be activated at random points by an incoming phone signal, but I believe it was been discontinued, this seems to be fairly similar minus the phone function, I've had some of my best solo orgams using this on my glans without doing much work myself, other than usually just to get me started and erect.