Travelling with toys

Hi all, after some advice. I'm off to NYC with hubby soon (5 whole days child free!!) and think we need to make the most of it. I want to pack some toys etc but a bit worried about what would be ok to take. Has anyone travelled to the US with toys recently? Would rather avoid an embarrassing situation!


Put them in your suitcase and take the batteries out, America is fine with toys I believe

after some recent threads which meant someone lost all their toy collection I would check what you can take first. and dont take your favourite ones just in case.

As long as you're travelling straight to the US and not via countries with restrictions you'll be fine. As YandF says though do pop them in check in luggage, remove batteries or make sure anything rechargeable is travel locked.

You can also check out, I believe there is some info on travelling with sex toys.

Noone in New York should be able to coniscate anything at the airport, provided you put larger stuff/batteries/lubes in your check-in luggage.

Treat yourselves to a new holiday toy and have it delivered to your hotel. LH also have an American site, so can do it via that.

Then when you check in, you can look really important by saying ' I believe you have a package waiting for me' when checking in to your hotel

Thanks everyone I looked at air and I think we'll be ok! Our favourite toys are glass but I'm not risking that in case of breakage/clanking! I'm not too bothered about being asked what's in the case I just didn't want them opening and taking them away!

Nah, we in America are friendly for the most part. We'd never take away someones toys lol

I have taken sex toys to Egypt - nobody stopped me at the airport!

mrsorgasmatron wrote:

I have taken sex toys to Egypt - nobody stopped me at the airport!

Someone posted recently that they had toys taken away in Dubai.

ETA: Here it is:

USA is fine with them. Just put in checked luggage with batteries taken out. If you put in hand luggage, then you are risking them being searched. We just moved over here and I brought various vibrators and my husband brought his fleshlight with no problems.

I know the UAE (Dubai etc.) give problems as my girlfriend had cases searched and her vibrator confiscated.


I would say you will be ok in EU or US, or likely Canada etc. Generally the countries, which are more opened. I travelled round Europe with sex toys, and never had any issues. And US should not be any issue at all.

Just put them in checked in luggage to avoid any real embarassment.

I read about an Asian girl having her toys and condoms taken out of her hand luggage and being shamed for having them infront of everyone when traveling around America, but it seemed more like the security guards were just being racist (they seemed to think she must be a prostetute). Obviously, I don't know how true this story is, I just read it online, and I'm pretty sure there are no laws against toys in New York (although I think Alabama have some laws in regards to them). But check up on the laws, and pack them in your checked in luggage to avoid any embarrasment through security. I know the airport security there like to throw their weight around (my boyfriend has flown to New York a few times and his brother is a pilot who flies there regularly) so even if they can't lawfully confiscate them, they could embarrass you!

I'm sorry to say I've been reading more horror stories about the USA's airport security for example

I have the Lelo mia 2.

It's very quiet and powerful, and it locks!

LibraLover wrote:

I'm sorry to say I've been reading more horror stories about the USA's airport security for example

That's disgusting! Although I doubt it had anything to do with them being gay. Just vile people thinking they're funny. I couldn't have faced the shame and would have left the bag there

We take a couple with us everytime we go to Florida and have been fine. We always make sure we have TSA Locks on our cases that way they wont ruin the case if they feel the need to inspect.


We visited NYC this March, and had no problem at JFK we did have a few toys in the checked baggage 😉 fantastic sex toy shops there as well, have a great time.


We have been to the USA a few times and taken diferent toys with us just fine, as others have said, remove batteries and if you need to lock your bag, have a TSA approved lock on it incase they need to check inside.