Travelling with toys

I started to travel for business and am away most of the week in the UK. The last few weeks I've packed my vibrator also which my hubby saw this week as I don't hide it. He found it funny and his comment was 'can't you manage without that thing for a week?' Actually no was the answer which he thought was great and seemed to like the idea I would be using it on my own. I don't imagine it's such a strange thing to travel with toys but does anyone else do this?

We do, we go on 2 holidays a year (we try to, money depending) and my oh always takes her rabbit, I take a plug and an anal vibrator along with sexy underwear, wouldn't leave without them.

We do. Infact we have also be know to get orders sent to the places we are staying so we can get more toys!

It depends where I am going and where I am staying.

Owww when I saw the title of this topic I had visions of someone sitting next to a Rabbit or other toy ona a train or plane ....hahahahahah Silly me ;-)

I always have at least 2 toys with me when I am away. although I have taken to it being just my Doxy as nothing beats that. Like tonight being away from home my hotel room bathroom and bedroom will be buzzing with fun before during and after watching Frisky Business.

Oww not the Doxy in the bath as its mains powered !!!

sarahkitty wrote:

I don't imagine it's such a strange thing to travel with toys but does anyone else do this?

I do, though only for very short city trips / business, and even then not always.

Just don't forget to take the batteries out, nothing worse than that buzz from your bag.

Off for a long weekend (anniversary) and will be taking most of the contents of the toy box; luckily we are travelling by car!

I travel with toys and a bottle of Yes! lube. I usually just put the Lelo Mia in.

When choosing toy to travel with, I would recommend picking one which either does not use batteries (dildo), you can remove batteries from inside or rechargeable toys which you can lock.

Always travel with toys for sure

No didn't either with tiny rabbit last year so won't either this year, sex and holiday don't mix.

goes without saying...

I've never travelled with toys before (i'm happy to pack lube and massage oils) - but never taken a toy.

However, we're booked in for a weekend away in May to a cabin in the forest to celebrate our 10 year anniversary which as at the end of this month, so I will definitely be taken a selection away!

I don't think it's weird at all, i'm just very cautious! I probably wouldn't take them abroad.. but maybe in the future if I feel a little braver ;)

I always have my bullet vibrator, even if im staying at a friends over night! I am horny quite a lot though. I just assumed everyone had a toy with them? I was on a family holiday a couple of years ago and was terrified when my bags got searched..i was sure the security man was about to find my rabbit and whip it out for all to see. Luckily, it didnt happen though.

We do. I like taking the Bondage Boutique Almosta 4Posta on holiday with a blindfold and a bullet which has a lock feature. I don’t have to worry about it buzzing away in my suitcase that way!

I am a student and take my entire collection to uni with me at the beginning of term. I have one of the large toy cases from lovehoney and just take out batteries. Not had any problems so far, I am moving to Tokyo for a year next year though and am more worried about that.

Sounds like some of your suitcases look like my avatar ;)

Just do not forget to take the batteries out and also when you pack them do not put them all one on top of the other as you want to be seen clearly through the x-ray machines to avoid having to open you bag and show the contents in front of the other travellers.

Not weird in the slightest, I've taken toys to university before (not to use during lectures or anything ike that) and my friends have seen them in my bag, once they noticed I had after spank cream & started all trying it before the lecturer came in, I'll defo be taking my collection when I move to halls and as always have my leather cuffs on a door handle ^_^

What happens when your at the airport?Do they check and ask questions? If so is it embarrasing? I'm going away for 2 weeks,in a couple of months. Plus is there any restrictions ?