Trip to the sorting office

gutted. My LH bits came today and we weren't in to take delivery. Put down to leave package with neighbour but she mustn't have been in. Gonna have to wait until Saturday now. What a tease !
Has anyone ever had anything to pick up from sorting office that someone has clearly had a peek at. Or has anyone picked up something that wasnt packaged well and suffered embarrassment?

The worst ive had is receiving a birthday present from my friend in the US, and I got weird looks from the guys in the sorting office.
It wasnt until I got home that i saw on the Custome Declaration that he had written "Assortment of Buttplugs and vibrators" instead of "DVD and CD"

ihave to collect my things from the post office to on Sat....i don't mind to much as these are a few of the treats I have bought for our 24 hrs free from children lol

I never had any problems at sorting office. Once I made a return at the post office and I'm sure there was a hint of recognition in the woman's eyes as she was processing the address. Remained entirely professional though thankfully

i had to go to my sorting office last night as they are open till 8pm to collect parcel ive ordered from here, i handed over the red post office card and the bloke looked at my name and said "oh yes i know where that package is" now this may have been innocent but i went bright red and just said thanks when he gave me my parcel lol

ha yeah that bath address kind of gives it away

have had to pick up from our sorting office never a problem with packaging as well done, only the adress gives it away, luckly the sexy wife was in to take delivery today and it was still sealed so the wife dosen't know what i have brought her/us. Will be trying out some bed restraints