Triskaidekaphobia - What do we reckon?

Good morning,

So, today is the dreaded Friday 13th that is feared by many, but is there any real truth behind it?

Let's get 'all scholarly' and see if this fear is backed up by science by conducting our own (ahem) 'highly academic' LH study!

Post any negative happenings that may happen today but equally, post any good things that happen and I will have a count up once this 'terrible' (?) day is over.

For me and Mr DW, we are playing things safe by spending the whole day in bed (any excuse eh 😜)

I will start; started the day with a head spinning, head ligtening, probaby too noisy orgasm, so current scores on the doors;

It's a load of poppycock = 1

There's something in this = 0


Well I am going against the grain to start off with as 13 is my lucky number .

So I will have to go with poppycock

I didn't sleep in for the school run this morning so that's definitely a good thing! However, the day is still early....

POPPYCOCK(totally love that word!)

Well I will not even walk over 3 drains....  so I am a 0 

Big thing that has occured for many here is late to work , due to a bomb found from WW2 in bath . So many roads are blocked off right now . 

I was not late as I bi passed all that on the train , but I did loose my keys this morning. 

So about half an hour in it's;

It's a load of poppy cock = 3

There's something in this = 1

(although to be fair, an unexploded bomb close to the LH offices seems to warrant more than one point somehow!)


Ah nooooo!! I didnt even reaslie. Had bumped heads with the kids already. Ive got more to come i reckon. Cant remember the last time i had some luck :(

We do work for a multi million pound National Housebuilder and they will not use the plot number 13 . Instead they will call it plot 300 ,400 or 500 . House numbers are however different as they are aloocated by another party .Plot numbers are a temporary number if you lke so contractors and site staff can differentiate the different houses and have payments made against them as well .

Well Mrs Luvvedupcupple was living at No13 when I met her so that's lucky right?

Psychology time:

People start believing the Friday 13th myths because they notice bad things more on the day. Same can be applied across the board. We got a pet sausage dog and my mam says they're everywhere now but shes just noticing them more :)

1. My day has been great so far (less anxeity than usual, don't have class and had a great cuddle with my cat)

Lovehoney - Leanne wrote:

Well I will not even walk over 3 drains.... so I am a 0

Big thing that has occured for many here is late to work , due to a bomb found from WW2 in bath . So many roads are blocked off right now .

I was not late as I bi passed all that on the train , but I did loose my keys this morning.

Wow! Life never gets boring in Bath, does it?!?! :)

Hadn't realised it was Fri 13th. Don't usually pay heed to these sort of things. Although my wife did get me into the habit of saluting solitary magpies and greeting them. And by pure chance I'm wearing a shirt sleeved shirt with a magpie print today.

Hadn't noticed to be honest but I've been very ill the last couple of days and I'm feeling much better today so I'm happy enough x

Just had my second. After being awake all night with one of the poorly kids. Just get him to sleep and could really do with a little nap myself. Down for 5 mins and the phone starts ringing , the dogs are both now singing along to the house phone tune and the babys screaming!! No no noooooooo :( :(

oooooooh Delboy1991, you were the 13th to respond to my original post!

I hope you had your fingers and toes crossed as you were typing?!?


I was awoken to the sound of fireworks going off at 5am. It turns out a local fireworks factory/shop went up in a ball of flames. Not the best Friday 13th for someone! It's closed a few roads and affected my journey to work. I think I will keep away from any kind of flames or potentially explosive materials today.

Personally, I don't notice anything different on the Friday 13th but my dad was born on Friday 13th back in the 70s and he is one of the unluckiest people I know. The night he was born there was a rather large thunderstorm and it shut down the hospital he was born in so they had to use back up generators. He was born dead to complicate things but the doctors were able to resuscitate him after about 7 minutes. Thankfully he survived but later on in life he inherited arthritis from his father when he was only 19 and hasn't been able to work a day in his life since.

Really makes you wonder if these things do really come down to a simple number. I have always seen myself as being pretty unlucky so I don't think a day is going to change that. :P

Load of poppycock= 1. I was actually born on Friday 13th and today has gone surprisingly well. Work wasn't as hasn't hectic as usual and I won the 'would I lie to you comp'. 😆

My day has been lush too. Nothing amazingly special but went shopping with my gran and we bought lots for the food bank. Seeing my OH tonight and we're doing a wax play for a competition entry (Eurovision themed!), making homemade burgers and then having a friend round for a few drinks :)

My day didn't start so great but that was only minor ...

My son got star of the week (he is 5 and delighted) this is fantastic as he's at his Dad's this weekend so he will have to record all the fun stuff they do instead of me doing the extra work!

My daughter won her raffle at school so she's happy too!

I am about to surprise my fella in saying that he won't have to drive 2.5hrs to my cousin's tonight as we have a night of luxury in a hotel and wake up to gorgeous surroundings after 6 months of pure heaven together!

Monday that sounds lovely!!!