Turning gay.....

I was bi-curious for a number of years and then I turned bisexual after my divorce seeing lots of men. I thought that I was turning gay.

Although I'm bi, I'm finding men really attractive having now been fucked by a gay male escort in rubber mmmm this morning. I keep watching gay porn and wanting to go back to a gay sauna to have a great time.

I love cock and swallowing cum and best of all being fucked hard and deep, I find having sex with a man a more of a turn on than having sex with a woman. I cum more often than I used too.

I think I'm turning gay?

Sexuality is something fluid. You can be bi and have a prefered gender just like that preference can change over time without meaning you suddenly turned gay/straight.

It could be you're just bisexual but with a preference for men? Or just exploring and obviously currently more interested in the new shiny things. Either way I'd say just do what makes you happy and if you find out you're gay/bisexual/etc then that's great :) The exploring is the fun part :P

You can use whatever label feels right to you. After all terms like gay, straight, bi etc are just labels we use so communicate our sexual preferences, sexuality itself is unique to each person and changable. So if you feel like the term "gay" best fits how you feel about your own sexuality, go for it. I wouldn't worry too much about it though, as long as your happy and confortable.

As said above; don't worry about it. Just enjoy your sexual journey through life, and all the twists and turns that come along. Sexuality exists on a scale, is fluid, malleable, subject to change, and is unique to each individual.

So you're enjoying men more than women at this particular stage in life? Great. Embrace it. Be true to yourself and do what makes you happy.

I don't feel that labels are always massively useful. We're all individuals, with our own particular make-up and orientation, which can be anwhere on a very broad scale - and can change depending on our mood or what's happening in our lives. You fancy who you fancy, and you want to do (sexually) what you want to do. I say - just have fun and don't worry about which bracket you fit into.

Thanks for the advice guys, really helpful.

Got to admit I find men more attractive sexually and in a very fetish way too.... mmmmmm yum

Just told my best friend I'm gay and into rubber/latex fetishes. I'm coming out .....

Life is too short to worry about labels, as the members have already said do what makes you happy.
I am working on my wife to accept my extra interests. I wish you happiness on your new adventure!

Couldn't have said it better