Tv 2016

As the darker nights approach us and we head into September I was wondering what TV shows and series everyone is getting excited about and looking forward to watching again or seeing for the first time.

Personally I'm super excited for the return of Strictly and It takes two as always to brighten up the Autumn months and also Poldark is back on this weekend. Hooray!

Thank goodness Casualty is back on again after the Olympics break! How exciting was that new episode after the Summer cliffhanger!!!! ?

Looking forward to hearing what shows everyone else is getting anxious to see back on or starting.

I don't like X-Factor, but I'm happy it's back because of the auditions. It's the only part of the show I actually like!

I am a great fan of the old shows and perhaps these days anything that is retro.

So for me its the one off show of "Goodnight Sweetheart " is the one I am looking forward to .

Casualty was brilliant on Sat .. .well worth waiting for that all through the Olympic tosh !
And a big yay for Poldark !

I was so happy that Casualty came back! I cried it was so emotional!

I'm so excited for American Horror Story to come back on September 14th and South Park! And of course, Rob & Chyna starts on September 11th! ANOTHER Kardashian show! ^_^

I'm moving back in with my mum and I'll have to endure X Factor, amen for the internet :P Suits is nearing it's mid-season finale so I'll be pretty sad when that ends but I'll have AHS, it gets me in the mood for autumn/winter ^_^

Cold feet!!

The flash & Arrow on sky1 & also A league of their own 

We are also looking forward to Poldark, and Strictly - and enjoying The Great Britsh Bake Off too :) xx

Casualty, Victoria also a drama on channel four,.

Am looking forward to the return of Strictly i do enjoy the dancing, not that fussed about x-factor either but do find some of the auditions quite funny

Looking forward to the return of strictly (although without Len :( ) - will be interesting to see if anyone does an Argentinian tango as good as last years Jay :)

I'll also look forward to crystal maze...but he'll never be a Richard O'Brian, so I hope he doesn't try to be!!!

The Mrs likes the factor but I really can't stand it anymore :p

I don't think I need to say any more there 😍😍😍😍

But I have been watching Victoria, and loving it. I really enjoy those kind of history dramas, like once I started watching Downton and Call the Midwife I was hooked!
And I believe Broadchurch will be back soon too, can't wait for that!

I am sure I heard/saw somewhere that they are doing remakes of Porridge and Open all Hours..?!

Or was it are you being served?

The Are You Being Served one was on a couple of days ago was better than I expected it to be surprisingly!
Didnt think the Porridge one was as good though .

Oh, so they've already been on? Oh well, ignore me...!

I was well chuffed that Robot Wars came back. Disappointed it's already over.

Great British Bake Off!!!!

missyO wrote:

Great British Bake Off!!!!

This !! But it always makes me hungry.....😉

Poldark but I don't really follow the storyline as I have the attention span of a toddler. I like the eye candy though 😄

Can't wait for game of thrones to return