UK to censor online videos of 'non-conventional' sex acts

Didn't know if people here were aware of this and thought you should know.

It seems we can't do anything these days without it having to be censored in some way! It's like the government just want us to have standard missionary sex and anything else is unacceptable to them. I've looked into the porn laws in this country and they honestly just made me feel angry. Plain old sex is not for everybody! If something is consensual, then I don't see the problem..

.... sigh

Just read this article and I'm flabbergasted !

Surely this level of censorship is totally unnecessary ? What on earth next ? Are the government going to employ sex investigators to come barging in to our houses to check that we're not indulging in any of these so called " unconventional practices ! "

Utterly ludicrous and it's not often that I'm outraged by anything !

I've emailed my MP. I doubt anything will come of it but I couldn't just sit back and not attempt to do anything.

To be honest the way we disabled are living in fear and I'm very frightened now of next year when we get our pip forms, Hubby will fill mine in, as I can't. I'm not surprised.

I don't use porn so haven't looked into this and consequently don't really have an opinion on it.

Well that will be highly annoying...I like a few "different" things that the Mrs isn't interested in and so this will mess my enjoyment of them up - damn that four finger rule :(

Indeed kittencub, my mum was on long term disability for many years with a condition which would only get worse and for which there was no cure...of course the government wanted a form filled in every year with all the gory details to prove she couldn't work (in addition to many Dr/consultant letters). One time they even wanted to interview's a joke!

Hate this, I don't watch much porn but consensual acts between adults should not be censored 😠😠😠😠

Well they tried before, but there will always be away around it ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

The irony to me is that mainstream media outlets rely on internet developments that were first championed by the porn industry (online payments, video streams for instance).

This is completely awful and discriminatory.

I'm frightened too, kittencub.

We should all try to email out MPs about issues like this. Even if you don't watch porn.

I would feel awful if laws like this got expanded and they wanted to censor my blog, or the blogs I read. Or ban the sale of certain sex toys? Or close down kink clubs? It's not too far of a stretch.

It feels like people get more sex positive and the government tries to stop it.

I've read about this in detail. Whilst it is worrying for the UK sex industry, it only applies for content produced in this country.

I.e. if a UK producer films and sells a squirting video, they're breaking the law. If a US producer films it outside of the UK and it becomes available via non-UK based sites, it's fine (as obviously our government can't do anything about it.)

Additionally, you're ok if you've starred in the video itself, which is an interesting loophole - and makes a good deal of our (me and the OH) own videos perfectly acceptable, as she's a squirter.

I signed the petition against this ridiculous law long before it was enacted, for what good it did.

The government should stay the hell out of our lawful, consenting sex lives and concentrate on ruining the country in the many other ways they do!

I wonder if we could get them to count sex toys as VAT free...?