💌 Ultimate Valentines Day!

Hey all,

With Valentines day right around the corner, I want to know what would your dream Valentines day look like? What makes the perfect Valentines? If you have a partner(s) - what do you do to make their day amazing? If you don’t have a partner - do you do anything special for yourself? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let me know down below!


If we had the money for it: Be in Paris and take her to Disney

But probably, head to the Zoo for the day then go to our favourite Chicken Wing restaurant. Then back home or Hotel for some fun


Every year we go to our favourite restaurant, it isn’t local so we drive and therefore don’t have any alcohol.

When we get home I make us his favourite cocktail (raspberry mojito) and we watch a film together. after a few hours or romantic snuggling we usually move to the bedroom for the rest of the evening to embrace.

Valentine’s Day 2019 is when we first introduced toys to the bedroom and we haven’t looked back!


No grandchildren or other disturbance.

A whole day in bed making her come frequently and an evening meal at one of the restaurants we prefer.

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If we had money I’d like to go on a nice tropical vacation with a valentine’s package at the hotel (child free hotel as well) so we could just relax all day and have sexy time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: In reality just spending the day with the OH cuddled up in bed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I already have brownie mix en route (I made my own last year and it was straight up fudge :rofl:), and I plan on making chocolate strawberries as well (less than I made last year, they started going bad before we could eat them all :woman_facepalming: :sweat_smile:) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: We’ll probably get takeaway or go to a restaurant for dinner as I don’t feel romantic when I have to cook :sweat_smile: I’ll definitely be dressing up in lingerie :wink: A walk on the beach sounds romantic, but it’s way too cold this time of year (maybe if we lived somewhere warmer) :rofl:

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Just time together. Just me and him. No kids, or any other disturbance.

I don’t care what we do or where we go, just as long as it’s just us. Spending the day being romantic and sexy time together. That’s all need and want :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Assuming neither of us are working on the day, it’s breakfast in bed although there’s often a long debate over whose turn it is! (One that I normally lose with grace) :man_shrugging: :joy::joy:
Breakfast will be accompanied by the mandatory gifts and card. I usually give one with breakfast and also make sure there’s at least one or two anonymous ones in the post for fun.
If we’re lucky we’ll get to spend most of the morning in bed followed by a shared bath or shower then out for lunch.
My wife always ‘dresses up’ for this special day which ensures that we have to go somewhere away from home where she can flirt and flaunt her way through lunch, something that comes naturally to her I’m happy to say.
The afternoon might include another hour or two in bed and a Chinese or Indian takeaway for dinner with a few beers or nice bottle of wine.
Once again, she will dress accordingly while I’m often instructed to strip. That’s fairly normal around here :wink:
There’s not much energy left by the time we get back to bed but she will usually have a toy or two tucked away under the pillow just to finish off the day nicely.
There are variations on this theme at other times but none so long or enjoyable as Valentines.

Single as a Pringle day :rofl::raised_hands:t2:

Tbf if someone sent me flowers or a plant to my work I’d be happy haha.

My friend and I will usually do a funny card exchange and some chocolates even though she is attached, but that’s the tradition!


I forgot it last year.

After an hour of door slamming and being ignored I decided to investigate.

Confirmed by adult children it wasn’t our wedding anniversary, confirmed by photos it wasn’t her birthday.

Only by extensive investigation, research did I discover what I’d forgotten.

So anything other than last years experience would no doubt, be appreciated.


We celebrate the Welsh version Santes Dwynwen on January 25th, a meal out with her dressed in a sexy number, a small present and card.


Ideally I’d take my wife coasteering or something similar (she’s loves being by the water or jumping into it!) for a couple of hours, and then go back to a hotel where I would have her treated to a massage, pedicure, manicure and relaxation time in sauna/jacuzzi/steam room.
Then getting ourselves all dolled up for an evening of nice food and drinks and then head back to the hotel room where we put our dressing gowns on and maybe flix and chill! :grin:


It’s not something we bother with really if I’m lucky I might get some flowers from him. It would be a lovely surprise if he took me away for a night so we could have some time to ourselves without the kids being about.


Just a night off & a meal out would be nice…

But we have kids and I don’t know what a night off is , so will be a takeaway no doubt :rofl:


@Dirty-Wife I agree. Quality time together for the day/evening is priceless. Not saying that I don’t love my children, but the fact I work away during the week, spending time with my lady is the best. As they say, the best things in life are free? :joy:


I’ve always said that to him too :rofl:

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Am personally not that into valentines day. i think its nicer and more special to just do random acts of kindness throughout the year instead. So for valentines day i just keep it simple and i find that just spending time with your special someone is more than enough. As you can’t buy more time in life. If your on your own then just do what makes you the happiest.

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Must admit I do like a nice card…

But anything else materialistic is a big no…some skin to skin hugs and cuddles and being made to feel that to someone I actually DO matter would mean the world to me.

Playing a game…laughing and enjoying someones company & someone giving you their time.

The things that mean the most are often sometimes the hardest to give.


Sorry Brenna, I’m an absolute bar humbug to Valentine’s Day! (Slightly odd as I’m a huuuge Christmas fan.) To be honest, I think it stems from being single on it through many teenage and early 20s years. I hate a day that’s commercially all about being loved up and in a relationship.

Love is wonderful and building relationships is wonderful and effort needs to be put in from both parties to keep it fresh and exciting and to show the love but all year round not just on Valentine’s Day. Big fan of anniversaries because they’re special to the people involved but honestly Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year I want nothing to do with romance because I spent so many of them feeling grotty not being with someone.

I’ve been with my OH almost 12 years now and it took him a few to get that I was very happy not getting anything for and preferably not acknowledging Valentine’s Day.

Sorry - total Valentine’s Scrooge! :see_no_evil:


My husband and I met a few days before valentines day so we usually celebrate that instead. A day out somewhere - maybe a wildlife park or a walk in the countryside with lunch somewhere nice. Usually we go out for a meal but we enjoyed cooking a special meal at home last year so I’m not sure what the plan will be from now on. A bottle of wine is the only essential part of the day. A card is appreciated but we don’t do presents, we prefer to spend the money on a day out or a meal somewhere to be honest. We buy each other random stuff whenever we want to rather than fixed to a particular date.

Don’t worry @Peitho! I’m a Christmas Scrooge and I’m very happy to be back at work! :sweat_smile: Totally OK to be not into Valentines day - we only do something because it’s so close to our anniversary, not sure how much we would bother with otherwise.


Red ribbons and loads of assorted chocolate hearts hanging from my Christmas
Valentine’s tree and maybe a slightly more sexy fairy sat astride on top

@chelsea29 … and I do love a mojito