I'm currently watching c4's undateables and I've worked in places in the past where people have laughted at it but watching it I can't help but smile at the actual genuine love some of these people have for each other, and it makes me realise how good the Human race is, no matter who you are or what you look like or what ever your disabilities are there is always someone who thinks you are perfect and that is amazing to know. I've found my soul mate and the most perfect woman I could ever ask for. And I hope every last person on here has found there soulmate and if you haven't you willing because everyone deserves to be happy 😊

Sorry for the soppy post just watching the programme pulled at my heartstrings and made me feel immense happiness

I have just wept most of the way through it. I have watched it since the beginning and it just is the sweetest thing ever. Knowing there is love out there for everyone is just beautiful.

I just love watching this, its so lovely

I literally have a smile plastered on my face when I watch this show. I am not a mushy person but this is the only show I genuinely think YES. Some great matches, lovely gentlemen with fab manners too. 

Just love it! 

It makes me happy to watch, it strips back all the B/S that seems to be attatched to dating these days. Lovely to watch and see how happy they get.

The good lady loves this. Both of us love the First dates show too. Great when it works out 😍

Poor alex got shot down straight away as soon as he said he thinks he loves her poor bloke 2 years and she just figures it was friendship

I watched some of the last series and thought it was great. Everybody just wants somebody to love, somebody who loves them back and to share life with, it's easy to loose sight of that.

I'm the same! I can't watch this without smiling. ❤️

How hot was that dwarf ( sorry if thats not the right word) guy on last week's! I couldn't stop looking at him 😍

did feel sorry for the guy this week who brought his girlfriend a present , took her to the beach and she didn't wanna see him anymore. it broke my heart. he was such a nice Guy!

He was gorgeous Delboy! I was shocked he was struggling with the ladies!