Unicorns Unite!

Hi all :)

Was nosing about forum search and whilst there's quite a few threads for couples wanting to try threesomes, group dynamics, etc I couldn't find anything for the unicorns out there.

My idea of a unicorn is: A [usually] single, bisexual person, usually though not always female, who is willing to join both members of an existing couple for romantic and/or sexual purposes. Does anyone else see this definition differently?

Would love to share unicorn experiences, advice, etc to avoid those new to playing with couples from negative experiences or mistakes we made (or almost made!)

Even just finidng any fellow unicorn friends would be nice :)


I've been a swinging unicorn for couples, but that's on hold at the moment, due to ill health.

I've also had 2 poly relationships with couples

Unicorn play as a gent certainly sounds very fun!