Untypical ways to climax?

Lets share our not-so-common ways to get orgasm.
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AND untypical reactions too. Have you ever cried or laughed of orgasm? Have you yelled of pleasure? Have you lost consciousness? Trembled all over your body? Falled into sleep?

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Head massages.

They do something weird to me. It’s not happened once either :flushed:


For me one weird body part is my neck - one spot in there especially. I orgasm almost every time immediately, when lover touch me there. And usually with loud voice cause it just feels soooo good. But if i do it to myself, it feels like nothing…

It feels like hot blizzard attacks from my beck to my whole body and makes my pussy contract. I love it. I can get many orgasms from neck touching, but at some point i get used to the touch and dont cum anymore. I found this “magic spot” couple of years ago. No place in my body is that sensitive, not even clitoris.


Deep breathing without physical touch. I learned that couple of years ago. I can not always climax just breathing, but when I am in the right meditative mood.

It feels like, when I breath deeply, i start feeling tingling all over my body. Like energy flowing everywhere, I feel how alive I am. If I breath to some body part, thinking about that part with love, I feel warmness and tingling there. And when I continue deep breathing, I start having orgasms, first small and it gets bigger and bigger. These are whole-body-orgasms. If I breath deeply, orgasm deepens, and if I breath fast, it fastens. Or if i breath calmly, it calms down. I can have really long and loving, meditative orgasms like this.

Unfortunately, I dont know why, I lost interest to do this at some point or have some kind of lock in this now. Maybe i did it too much and get used to it. So I do this very rarely nowadays, but when I do, i remember how lovely this is. This also needs much patience, to build up the stimulation very slowly.

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I have a spot just under my chin on either side of my neck that makes me sneeze. If I push it I create a tickle and I can sneeze every time… that’s as close as I get…

Foot massages … they make me so relaxed and very much in the mood.


@FortySomethingWife - If I massage Mrs. Val’s feet I can pretty much kiss sex that night good bye as she will be fast asleep!


I’ve been enjoying a very gentle setting on my TENS machine the last couple of weeks and it’s led me back into this sort of mental practice. Not with the breathing as such but starting from concentrating on sensations in and around my ass the ones I want can be built up and will stimulate feelings in my balls which I can then focus on in turn, and so on all the way up my body. It’s not resulted in actual orgasm as yet but some pretty good feelings of energy that don’t come to such an abrupt end. :drooling_face:


My orgasms are almost all via masturbation but when she’s in the mood she edges me on the fuxxing machine with a sleeve attachment or uses the Fleshlight launch machine on me to keep me on edge for ages. These orgasms are so intense that I shout out loud. I can’t help it.

Strangely she often laughs when she comes.


Over the years I had a number of female partners that got almost ready to orgasm or actually orgasmed by neck kisses or ear lobe nibbles . One in particular when I ran my tongue up her spine and kissed her neck . Years ago while in foreplay I caressed the back of my wife’s knee and she had an immediate orgasm . We tried to repeat that one with no luck . Have had a number of lovers that every once in a while we would start giggling while in the throes of passion and break into pure laughter . I myself have had a few non penal contact orgasms . One was blindfolded and having my nipples played with while being kissed all over my neck .

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I cry. Not everytime but maybe once a month. When i say cry though, i mean proper ugly sobbing. Im not sad but just cant help it!

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I know many will probably say the same but my OH is the only woman I’ve been with or know that can orgasm from nipple play alone, no cliteral stimulation! We literally have to stop nipple play during a session so it doesn’t ruin the rest of the session. It is a thing of beauty to watch when we decide to see it all the way through to an orgasm! She can’t explain why it happens but she does love it.


Don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like this before :thinking:

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Same for me too with head massage, foot massage, guaranteed to get me in the mood every time. Also kissing me on the neck does it to.
In fact any touch from him has me going, whether it’s he’s hands or lips, I’m turned on.
We also found a new one to get me going, biting my nipples while he sucks on them at the same time :ok_hand:


I use a fuck machine sometimes

I get the shakes. Muscles just tremble. Only happens when i have a good one. Ive had visual hallucinations once, very literally seeing stars.


Not myself, but ex partner, pre sex massage, and she came as soon as I slid inside, was great.

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I love foot massages also, and even more very gentle touch to feet and toes, almost tickling. I have orgasmed from feet touch. And toes suchking and licking - feels amazing! Have you tried that?

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Lovely tip! I have TENS too, for vagina, so would like to try this. I have orgasmed with tens, but so that used vibrator for clit.


Sounds lovely, both ! I have laughed sometimes too when I cum, usually if my nech is carressed