Up the bum!

Me and my partner experiment with various toys on him, does anyone recommend anything in particular to go up his bum!

There's sooo many options! Here are some of my/ our favourites:







A finer alone did it for me...... Well lubed and gently wiggling... Just at the moment when my balls clench and I pulse..... Mmmm.....

Golly that really is very subjective as what one may like another will not. In terms of preference for me I am definitely a size monster be it my wife fisting me with a latex gloved hand or using a very large dildo as in my avatar. I have found prostate massagers and similar very disappointing.

That’s a monster kc ! I’m working on it but I’m not sure I’ll get that big. Looking forward to a squirting dildo arriving from LH today. Want to feel it “cum” in my ass.

Thank you all! Some options to explore

Start small and use plenty of lube!

And relax. As I learned yesterday. Loads of lube and take it in small increments. Once in, savour it then do it again !

Flexible is good to start with. It‘s more forgiving if you get the position wrong.


my favorites are fingers and tounges