Update on my issues with mental health

Hi, I posted on here Monday when I hit rock bottom and decided I had to see a doctor to help with my aspegers that I feel has got a bit out of control.
Well I went to see a doctor Thursday morning, my mum went with me as i thought it was best to have someone else going with me and for support as I hadn't visited a doctor for ages.
The appoitment itself I was very dissapointed with, i wrote down a short note and handed it to the doctor to read, he read it and asked what I knew about aspergers, I explained some of the traits but he didn't seem convinced there was anything wrong with me and said I didn't display any physical signs of aspegers as I didn't look away when talking to him apparantly, I was less than impressed as I explaine dI was diagnosed in school when I was about 7 and said I was not highly autistic and most likely had a milder form of aspergers but still he didn't think that counted as having aspergers proper.
Anyway he did make me an appointment to see a mental health specialist at a hospital, I haven't received the letter yet so I don't know where and when it will be, I just hope the specialist has more understanding and doesn't just dismiss me because I seem normal, I did explain as much to the doctor as I could like the constant up and down mood and feeling isolated/deppressed a lot and also finding it hard to make friends and having low self esteem a lot.
Will leave it at that maybe because he's not a specialist he was just naive and maybe a bit ignorant because I was on the lower end of the autistic spectrum, still wasn't impressed with his attempts to dismiss the fact I had aspergers.
Will leave it at that I'm off out for a bit now need to take my mind off it for a bit and try and enjoy my weekend, any replies will be much appreciated.

GP's very rarely have any understanding of Aspergers. They have a very basic knowledge of autism and do not understand the differences or the fact that not all traits apply to all people. My Dr is very good and understanding but still has a very limited knowledge of the condition.

The good thing is that he has referred you on. Good luck with the next appointment.

I think doctors have a limited knowledge of mental health. The specialist will have a much better knowledge

I agree with kato, I think GPs often arn't very well informed about mental illness, which is a shame as there is so many who suffer with them. I suffered with an eating disorder most of my teenage years, led to me passing out and fitting but when I went to see the emergency GP he palmed me off with painkillers despite there quite clearly being a problem :s

I hope you get the help you need from the specialist Metalfanatic87! In the meantime you should check and see if there is any support groups/councelling near you that could help. If you are at university they usually have councellors that you could speak to about any mental health issues! x

Metalfanatic87, if you look on mind.org.uk they are a mental health charity that have alot of groups throughout the UK! x

Thank you Miss J I will have a look at that website, it is a shame GP's are not more knowledgable on certain things but I guess that's why specialists exist, I probably shouldn't of expected him to really understand he can't of known that much about aspergers if he thought it could be pysichally seen in someone.
Thanks for the replies though hopefully when i see a specialist they can help me more and I can have a bit more stability in my mental health/aspergers it would help a great deal.
Thanks again I will write another thread when I've seen a specialist.

The only people who fully understand Aspergers or mental health issues fully seem to be those who are living with them. Either themselves or someone very close to them.

I hope that the specialist is more understanding and informed.

Enjoy your weekend


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