hi my OH likes using vibrators eg bullets but i want to get her something different from the coventional bullet. any ideas?

A wand could be a good option. They are powerful and you can get additional attachments for the head which you could both enjoy.

This is a good option at the moment as you get a free Rabbit, a 1/2 price mens attachment and 1/2 women's attachment.

i was thinking of one of them too but shes quite shy to the world of toys so think it would intimidate her

Maybe try a clitoral vibrator..
They fit nicely into the palm of your hand .
Can be altered as in pattern and strength & aren't too big and intimidating.

cheers 🙂

Yes I'd agree with a clitoral vibrator, also Lovehoney do a mini wand which is small and not intimidating, so I'd recommend that too:


Slightly different approach:

How about a vibrating cock ring? Still get the clitoral sensations and a tighter, firmer erection inside her at the same time?

Something like this:
Perhaps? It's on two for £25 so could get something else at the same time...

Just an idea.

cheers for the help 😉