Upload photos

How do you upload pictures with new lingerie? X

If you go to the page if the item you bought there's an option on the left hand side under the product pictures :)

Thankyou we will have a look xx

I was wondering that myself! Thanks that helps!

Pics cant be more than 500k so you might need to resize them, image resiser is an easy piece of software to do this with.

How do u upload your own pictures,already uploaded 1& cant rememer how i did it

Hi, i think pics have to be resized although i have no idea how, i managed to upload 2 but it was more luck than management, good luck though, i look forward to seeing them when you do.

I tryed a dozen times& they kept going on as a profile picture

This should work:


Thanks raven that worked perfect

I would upload some pictures but after I've taken them they just look "old" so better let all you young'ns do it!

It doesnt matter how old , its how u feel (your self asteem

Forgot to close brackets )

I was about to start a new thread to ask a question about photo uploads, then saw this one, so sorry to hijack slightly but would be grateful if anyone could answer this.

If you upload a picture of yourself to the member photo gallery rather than a product page, do you need to title the photo as the product name of the item you're wearing to be entered into the Model of the Month competition? Or do you have to upload to the actual product page to be entered in the competition?

Any more details on this would be really gratefully received :) x

Wish i never uploaded them they look horriid

Anyone think the same as me

If you're not happy with your photos, you can delete them from your profile yourself by going to Your Account, and then Manage your uploaded photos at the bottom of the page. You can click on each image you want to remove and then press delete at the bottom of the page.

I didn't realise you could remove them yourself until recently, so wanted to share in case you thought you had to get someone from LH to remove them for you.

I hope that this is helpful :) x

Thanks skitty

Up loaded 2 photos at same time only one has been prossed any idea why

Hi just wondering if there is a way to upload pictures using your mobile phone and include a linked product. I normally add a link and the product name in my description sometime the product is linked others not. As I'm on my phone there's no link on the product page to add a photo that way.