Uploading photos

Hi all,

Apologies if there is already a thread about this. I've found some old ones but I can't seem to find my answer - how do I upload a photo? I used to click the link in Member's Photos (the one which mentioned the competition) but it's no longer there, and I can't seem to find a way of doing it!

Could of course be user error! 🙈

Thanks 😁

goto your account page then scroll down to manage your uploaded photos :) x

Sexybabe, it's not user error. I don't have the option in Manage Uploaded Photos either.


try this link

Thanks Throbinhood! 👍🏼

The option should be there for all.

Please try looking under Lovehoney community - Forums and product reviews on your account homapge. There is then an option that states manage your uploaded photos. From there you can upload. The page takes you to  https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/image-upload.cfm

You can no longer do so from member's photo page as the banner was requested to be removed. 

If you can't see the option in your account please let our tech team know via the glitches thread. 

Once you upload a picture the link on your account page dissapears :(

so then only way to add pictures is through either the link I posted

or directly from a lingerie product page

I don't have the option on my Manage your Uploaded Photos page unfortunately, I'll pop it into the glitches thread. Thanks Leanne x

Iv had the option to upload a pic but the thumbnail isn't showing on my profile, not sure why, I can find any option to set as profile pic either

I have stickied this thread so you can all use the link TH has posted 


PLEASE USE THIS LINK FOR NOW. Make sure your image meets the guidelines and size. 

For profile pictures use the edit my profile option on the home page of your accounts. 

The upload issue has been raised in the glitches thread. But at least the banner has gone! 

I will now close this thread so you can all use it for the link.