Ur3 with or without condoms?

Hi new here and about to purchase the jeff Stryker ur3 dildo,

my only concern is do I have to use condoms with this product ?

I will only be using it vaginally thanks in advance.

You don't have to, I have UR3 just need a bit of lube,

Oh ok brilliant that's what I wanted to hear :-) thanks one more thing do you find ur3 needs more lube than usual? Thanks

you don't have to use condoms, you use it like any other toy. when you wash it after use pat dry with a clean towel leave to air dry then dust with UR3 refresh powder (available off here) or corn flour/startch and store in original packing
the dusting of powder and storing in original packing will keep your dildo looking and feeling like new and avoid the stickiness or drying out that happens with UR3 and other flesh feel toys if not maintained properly