Urethra and glands

My partners have figured out a technique that I really enjoy… don’t know if it is weird or not.

I’ll lay face down across a partners lap. Usually I’m really ready and my labia spread apart, but if not she’ll do it for me. She’ll insert a thumb partway in my vagina for lubricant, then rub it across to the base of my clit.

Now, my anatomy is a bit unique. There’s these glands near the opening of the urethra. Usually tiny and hidden, but mine are close to the surface and really large. Like marbles. I’m really sensitive there, and I like getting licked. However, this finger technique is simply out of this world.

I also have a second opening of the urethra inside my vagina. A kind of anomaly. I’m sensitive there, too, and I’ve been using a soft toothbrush inside myself. Is there some reason that opening feels so good? Are the openings and glands I have just surrounded by unusual extra nerves? Or do others feel like this?


I would guess this is similar to the pleasure that Sounding gives? I have seen female Sounding too.

I 2nd the possibility of the sounding technique may explain what is going on. Have you talked with a doctor about it? Like I would think a gynecologist?

Yep, I went to a doctor back in July to figure out why I’m weird. I’m intersex, and my plumbing is quite unique. Hard to figure out what “normal” folks experience compared to the feelings I get.

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@awkward-yet-sweet that must make things different for you because its quite rare then? Not having someone with differences of your type of plumbing? That’s why I thought a gynecologist would have some insight into this. But sounds like you have a very active life, when I had depression and anxiety for years it stopped me from living life, and loving it, participating in the world or being close to people. Have you ever had your partners take photos in order for yourself to see? Or a doctor to take an ultrasound? No need to answer that, its just an idea i thought.

I’d say if it feels good and isn’t causing any pain then it’s a nice normal for you to experience and enjoy :wink:

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@Stuck_nomore When the doctors looked at me back in July, I had scans done of my pelvic area. The doctor found a mass with her finger, and was initially worried about cancer which is why I was put through so much. So I’ve got images of my weird plumbing. One thing that was noticeable is that I seem to have more nerves in the region than average, which probably explains why sex feels just SO GOOD.


@awkward-yet-sweet oh wow, with the medical stuff, but double WOW for the other :wink:

Yeah, being intersex makes life unique. I look female, but I’ve got a prostate, two urethras, extra nerves, a really drippy vagina, and weirdly large glands.


This week I’ve gone totally crazy for that new rubbing technique… but I have no idea how to ask a partner for it. I’ve taken to just guiding GF’s hand until she gets the message. Anybody have a name for it?


I think this one is for you to name!
Is it possible that they’re extra clitoris’?

It’s the “Double Down” lol