Urethral Sounds

Given that it can move around by the bodies reactions it can be harder to keep in one place, after all its on a flexible wire, but yes its a very nice feeling scale 1 to 10, 7 I’d say, certainly worth a try

That actually sounds great, thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it! While we are sharing orgasm strengths, I’ve had the most extreme hands free orgasm using estim. I use a dual channel basic estim control. This type of controller just adjusts the amplitude of the signal, no fancy pulsing or ramping up of the voltage. Just a basic 2 control unit with 2 knobs that control the voltage to each of the 2 channel wire pairs ( + and - ) .

Then on one channel, edited by mod Now comes the best part…… I start with a small voltage on the first channel (left & right sides of the scrotum) until it just starts to be uncomfortable, and back it off a bit. I bask in the feeling of that electrical stimulation for a while, very slowly increasing the voltage to the scrotum. Then at that point, I turn on and very slowly increase the voltage to channel 2 edited starting at the pleasurable level and slowly increasing just to the uncomfortable level and holding it there.

That will now likely be causing a very hard erection which I flex and relax of & on again & again all while slowly increasing the voltage to each of the 2 channels until I have both of the channels at the maximum voltage (almost painful, but not quite). Then within 30 to 60 seconds I have the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had, and it actually lasts through numerous pulses or squirts of semen. By the time the last orgasmic squirt is over, the estim is now uncomfortable and I have to immediately turn the voltage down on both channels. Whew, best ever orgasm!

I have one that is basically a 12mm diameter bullet on something like a 9" solid shaft with the battery in the handle so cheap to use. Can’t remember now if I got it from LH or somewhere else.

Certainly easy to have a hands free orgasm, should dust it off and play again, haven’t used it in years.

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Thank you, good information

I have tried sounding for the very first time yesterday. I used a stainless steel 6mm sound.

To be honest I expected it to be more intense, It felt weird but at the same time also quite good, feeling something slide inside my cock was absolutely a new sensation and the visual was very pleasing. I did not move it around that much, mabye that will be something for the next time.

All tips and tricks are welcome

Remember keep everything clean
Perhaps try a 8mm ribbed version, shop around, the ribbes hold the lube too

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