Use of the tongue

Evening people, Todays late topic 'The Tongue'!

When it comes to using my tongue Im not going to lie 'Im a pro' Well this is what my girlfriend says anyway, I Love using it on my other half and she said she loves it too!, I Can make her moan so loud and enjoy the taste along the way ;), Who else loves a bit of tongue? D.

What I love is the slightly different taste and smell each woman has. I tend to start around the clitoris then move to circling around her entrance then back to the clitoris, by which time she's usually ready to cum. ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Tongues are wonderful, for oral, kissing and clean-ups. Most peoples' first sexual experience was using tongues for kissing; that was true for both of us anyway. I love to use mine on others and have other tongues used on me!

Absolutely love a bit of tongue. I love when hubby goes down on me and comes up for a kiss. Such a turn on 😍 I also love licking his length and giving he balls gentle flicks which he enjoys 😛

I love giving my GF a good licking. She comes much more powerfully when I do. And sucking her clit makes her rather loud. 😊

the tongue has no bones but is strong enough to break a heart.

Love when my fella goes down on me he always does it when I'm least expecting which is even more of a turn on, earlier he was teasing me with my gspot vibe when all of a sudden he goes down and teases me more with his tongue omg it felt amazing he then came up I kissed him which I know turns him on big style 🙂

Give me tongue over cock any day of the week!

himnher wrote:

Give me tongue over cock any day of the week!

I like both in equal measure! Penetration at the same time is best for me personally!

I love giving anal oral, it's just a huge turn on! Not a fan of blowjobs though, but I'll do it from time to time as a special treat to my partner. When it comes to receiving, even though I like it very much, it usually needs to be combined with fingers or toys to make me reach orgasm.

In my opinion oral is probably the best part of sex. When you first go down you get the lovely sight of a wonderful juicy vagina followered by the dictinctive aroma and finally the beautiful taste. I like licking from clitoris to bum hole, inserting fingers into both holes until she comes to a shuddering orgasm.

Lucky Mrs polo 56

I think my favourite thing is when my fella uses his tongue on me! I'm always pretty sensitive to start off with so he kisses rather than licks, but I get off so quick when he uses his tongue!!! 🤩

Another advantage of giving oral is a trick I've used often when dating: I'd slip my condom on while tonguing the lady and then, when she was ready, I'd be able to enter her without any further interruption. Several partners have expressed appreciation for this move. Wonder if anyone else on here has tried it / experienced it?

Brilliant advice from John A, I love doing things with my tongue on my man and I can drive him wild equally I love receiving similar attention it is different each time.

I love it when my OH uses his tongue. And then kisses me.... mmm