Using Clone a Willy kits

So the OH has quite a pants gag reflex. She wants to be able to pleasure me orally, but can't get any more than my head before starting to gag.

Just wondering if a clone a willy would be useful in training herself to accomdate me? She wants to do it, but feels nervous that she wont succeed and just end up throwing up everywhere (mood killer or what) Using a Clone A willy, perhaps she could practice in her own time and privicy and not worry about any "accidents"?

Also looking at, seen some good reviews.

Any other tips? and would the above be helpful?

Hey! I posted a thread for gag reflex tips a week or more ago which people provided loads of tips.

i don't like trying to train with toys especially if they taste of anything so be wary of that. I found brushing the back of my tongue the most helpful :)

sure loads of people will give good advice :) x

Thank you MissChar! I think my OH and I will have to have a bloody good look through the forum when she gets home.

Thanks for the heads up on the use of toys, definitely want to purchase the clone a willy/pussy kits, mainly for the novelty value! XD x

The clone a willy kits done taste very good, and smell very chemically. It's a good novilty item, but we barely ever use ours!