Using toys on partner

My wife recently got the LH wand, was wondering when using it on my wife, was wonder couple go straight in with using the toys or do you wait till your partner is aroused then you get the best outcome…

Also any position or advice couples can give when using the wand on your partner or she can use on me.

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Wands are a very versatile tool to have! Great for solo play (for both sexes) but can also be easily incorporated into couple fun, whether before during or even after penetrative sex.

If you’re using it on your partner then there’s many a possible position, the obvious one being for her to lie back, legs spread giving you easy access and a good ‘line of sight’ to ensure you can make sure the right pressure is applied to the right spot. But equally they can be used with her lying on her front, kneeling on all fours, sat in a chair, tied to a bed…the options are endless.

If she’s using it on you then it can be used ‘as is’ to be moved up and down your shaft or teased around the head of your penis. Attachments can also be added (there are plenty to choose from on LH) to vary the sensations.

A wand is my wife’s ‘go to’ toy for use during sex for her to use as clitoral stimulation whatever position we may be in.

They key is to learn what works for her, for you, and you both together so experiment and find out what feels good. Some like to vary the power setting whilst others prefer the intensity of a wand on full power - everyone is different. You won’t know til you try. Have fun! :wink:


We use the wand and its hugely versatile, it can be used to get the fire going or once the fire is roaring…
You can use it all over plus, she can use it on you too.


When to pull out toys is :100: a matter of personal preference, and can vary by toy. My wife does not enjoy adding a dildo until she is quite aroused, while her rabbit vibe or Womanizer can go straight on. I’ve developed a genuine Pavlovian response to the sound of her Womanizer - as soon as it starts thumping I get hard.

If wife is in need of a little warm up, I have used a vibrator on other parts of her body - dragging it up her thighs, around her breasts, just tease the nipples, then circle around her vulva, very light caressing - before going in for clit stimulation.

The most important thing is to have fun exploring together, and communication is the keystone of fun.


Best thing do do is to ask her what she would prefer and, similarly tell her what you would like.


My favourite is when my Oh massages me all.over with our wand the turn me over so I front a teases my p …y with it till I cant wait any longer I have some of the strongest orgasam this way my p…y just pumps up at ever stroke