Vaginal sex vs anal sex.....

Which do women prefer? ;)

both! depends what mood im in.

if i have to say one then posibly anal. always get more turned on from Anal.

I prefer vaginal but I like both

Definitely prefer Vaginal

Vaginal!!! :)

very good points made there AA.

definately agree that it depends on the mood

i find it much less often that im in right mood for anal but when its good its amazing although it does take clitora stimulation at same time to orgasm

Sorry to hear you cant indulge in a spot of anal yourself

I just have to agree that both are completely different. I enjoy both, although vaginal bit more, usually. Plus my partner is not much into anal sex. He is sometimes in the mood to do it to please me - I do not have to ask or anything, its his own decision. Guess another reason why I am more for vaginal sex.

this is the only thing I'll ever agree with Christopher Hitchens on

“The four most over-rated things in life are champagne, lobster, anal sex and picnics.

So vaginal for me!

Love that quote SL666!

Oh no, I adore those four things! I shall now take a long moment to image all of them at once :)

In that same order?! :-)

I like both. I agree that anal sex often needs to be done with a lot of care, and having good kegels helps. But I've recieved more damage from vaginal sex before - I slept with a guy who thought ramming hard and fast without any control was what women wanted, erm no, I actually had bruised bones after that. I guess the same would've happened if I had anal sex with him... but I don't really want to try it out with him to find out.

When both are done right they are wonderful ^_^

I think the picnic is the setting, then the order as given :)

I love both.

Vaginal sex is fantastic but then again anal when I am feeling super dirty is fantastic. (maybe cos OH is great at both!)

As for them at one time.... :D

Asked the wife this one, she loves both but think she tipped towards anal if push came to shove, although with a toy both can be achieved at the same time. Happy days.

Vaginal definitely.

Don't get me wrong I love anal every now and then but it's hard work compared to normal sex!

Vaginal, I love anal but tbh its getting samey, everytime we have sex its all about my arese we dont have vaginal sex anymore, i miss it lol :-( xx

Vaginal. Anal hurts me way too much to be in the slightest bit pleasurable.

Vaginal, I would never suggest anal to my partner but I will willingly participate if he'd like to do it again. Not a anal kinda gal

i enjoy both, also depends on what mood im in