Valentine's and Holidays when you're poly

Undoubtedly I'm not the only polyamorous person in here. My question for the other poly folks is: Who do you spend Valentine's day and other Holidays with? and How do you decide?

By 'Holidays' I mean New Year's, Christmas, Easter etc. Specific dates that people tend to spend with their family (sometimes extended family), friends and (usually) their spouse.

In my case, I'm not that excited about Valentine's day. This year I will be celebrating it (a couple of days late) with my ''newest'' partner, since it's our first v-day as a couple. When it comes to other Holidays, sometimes one of my OHs will invite me to a family dinner, other times we'll ''celebrate'' just the two of us, and others all my OHs will be with their families and I'll just get to chill at home. I actually prefer to spend Holidays on my own, with an OH, or with a small group of close friends- big family gatherings are not my cup of tea.