Valentine's day toy purchases

so what toys have you purchased or are going to purchase especially for valentine's day this year?

No toys, But have bought this for Lady-J...

Along with some non-sexual gifts

Nice one Seduced - I'll bet Lady-J will rock your world in that

I've just bought myself some new lingerie (not from LH though so I dont know if I'm allowed to post the link). That should raise the temperature in our house

sort of toys as I bought us the Monogamy game and accessory pack so we have some nice silk ties, a small leather paddle ( I like this! ) and a bullet vibrator as well as a few other bits.

Been having a sneaky peek and unwrapping bits so it doesn't take forever to get started. Was hoping to get it all wrapped up tonight and have a little fun with myself after thinking about playing but she's coming home earlier than I thought. Oh well won't be long now!

No toys (yet) but thanks to my latest purchases i'll be wearing this..

and these

i bought the 3basques in the grab bag and a new thingy of lube plus the bubbly and flowers too come also and a saucy card/e card maybe

I got the 3 for £50 and got monogamy board game, a jessica rabbit 2.0 and a tracy cox supersex stroker (definately not for me.. ;))

I'm recently single sob sob so nothing for me :(

Not bought anything yet. going to have a look today

I have been waiting for the dream girl tartan babydoll to come in stock as I really would like to wear that, but I've either missed my chance or it is being put on soon...

Toy's well I haven't ordered any new ones for valentines day yet but will see. More important is to find the perfect meal and go shopping for the things needed to make it. Might make ginger bread and maybe get the sexy ginger bread cutters sold on here.

just ordered the hollow strap on for both of us to use ..roll on valentines

violeteyes wrote:

well Dkelly and i were planning to buy a pussy pump and some rope. but then yesterday he fell in love with two baby lizards and bought them for near £100 so we decided to miss out on the sexy presents.

I'm trying to imagine a conversation between you two which started out with "Lets buy a pussy pump" and which ended with "I know... lets get some lizards instead".

Cant do it.

Well as the tartan dreamgirl babydoll has been discontinued I have only purchased the bonkin biscuits kama sutra kookie cutters. At least i will be able to make some yummy treats, I already have the book 'the cookie sutra by edward jaye' so it should be a laff to actually finally be able to make some of the ginger bread pictured in this.

I've got my OH the Cobra, and I got a pussy pump from my wishlist through the post from him today :)

I just bought a leather vac-u-lock harness and two dildos for myself and BB to use together. We're planning to kick Valentines off early on Saturday with our own interpretation of 'romance'

We have already bought the Philips thing, if we get anymore I have a birthday voucher!

We have bought SO much stuff from LH recently... And plan to buy more at the end of the month!

Specifically for Valentines, I have a full nurse costume (purchased matching gloves and stockings too, already own white boots), some Lust Dust, more chocolate body paint, one of these: and some blindfolds. Also the free "Lusty Loops" rabbit, but I was unimpressed by that, so...

Anyway, also recently got a cheapish corset, fishnet outfit and little black dress, so I think we shall be making a good few days out of it on the lingerie alone!

Haven't bought anything for valentines day as such, but LoveHoney as come to the rescue by sending us a toy to review just in times for Valentines Day!

My OH just ordered everything (almost) on my wishlist.... OMG I am sooo excited