Vasectomy - how long after?

Hey guys

I’m looking for some advice from anyone who has been through a vasectomy and knows how it works afterwards.
Sorry, its a long one!

In September we had our 4th and final baby.
My hubby was lucky to get booked in at the end of September to have his vasectomy done - we definitely do not need anymore babies and we also don’t want to have to worry about contraception.

So he had the vasectomy and recovered fairly quickly.
Now the problem is that due to covid, he is unable to get an appointment to have the sperm checked to make sure its OK for us to have unprotected sex.

It’s been over 3 months and he has ejaculated almost everyday since! It was recommend that he would need to ejaculate at least 30 times before coming for the test. This has been done 3 times over.

We are dying to do things to each other but obviously we can’t completely do what we want as we don’t want any of those kinds of surprises :flushed:

So I don’t know what to do and how long it will actually be before he will be able to have his appointment.
I’m pretty sure that we should be in the sage zone by now surely!

I’d love to know from your own experiences, how long after your vasectomy did you have the sperm test - and what was the result?

Your answers will help me decided whether or not we can just go for it on the assumption that it will be safe to do so.


I submitted my test about 2/3 weeks after the opp and then had to chase the consultant for the results another 3/4 weeks later. Given the green light that all was good.

Anecdotally, I have 2 friends who never bothered submitting their sample and no surprises since!

If I were you, I’d look up the success / fail rate (if available) and then compare with the effectiveness rate for your previous contraception method.

Also, I think you need to think about how ‘bad’ it would be if it hadn’t worked. If e.g. financially it would cripple you, then you may want to be more careful than if it would be a surprise but not the end of the world…


Hi @Cupc8kes,

I don’t have any experience with vasectomy myself, but personally I would always err on the side of caution, rather than do anything that I might regret. I do understand your frustration at COVID-19 getting in the way of your plans, but again, I personally would prefer to be extra-safe than extra-sorry.

Although I understand your point that, after such a long time, it feels like it could be okay to have unprotected sex, a quick search on the NHS website does advise against ‘risking it’: although they say that, after 12 weeks, the remaining sperm should have been cleared out of the sperm tubes, they do say that there is still a risk of pregnancy. In their words: “until it’s been confirmed that your semen is free of sperm, continue to use another form of contraception”.

But again, this extra-cautious approach is only my speculation of what I would do in your situation. Our opinions may differ, and that is perfectly fine too.

I hope that makes sense.


In theory it sounds like you should be fine. However I would suggest giving the doctor a call and seeing what they say. Obviously they won’t be able to give you a definite yes or no but they at least have all the relevant medical information in front of them.

I agree with @Earl_Grey and @sexpositive_babe if you really don’t want any more children then is it really worth the risk?


Hi, we were in the same boat. We held out for the all clear when we finally were able to get an appointment. Would be just my luck to chance it and get pregnant! Was worth the wait might I add!

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@Cupc8kes Had vasectomy Xmas 2019, did the sperm test 4 months after the procedure and had results 2 weeks later. Know where to your coming from from, gagging for it, but the thought of another wee one just makes hard on go floppy lol.
Better safe than sorry. Good luck

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Hey there, my OH had a vasectomy after our family was complete. I think from memory at that time it was 2 possibly 3 clear samples taken a month apart that you had to have done before it was considered safe to proceed.

Even then we still used condoms for years afterwards to be extra safe as we definitely didn’t want anymore children and know of a few post-vasectomy babies in our area. One was conceived not long after their op but they hadn’t had all their clear samples back and had chanced it and one was nearly ten years later and they had to have another op as it had failed.

Frustrating though it may be I’d be inclined to stick with the extra contraception for now and wait until you get the all clear from the doctor.

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I work in primary care with the GP’s in the NHS, you should be able to give your surgery a ring, tell them the situation, and they’ll have you do a sperm quality test from the surgery!
Let us know how you get on!

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I had my vasectomy about 10 years ago, handed in a sample after a month and it took another month to get a reply saying it was clear. So glad I had it done, we’re able to be spontaneous without any worry.
Personally, I would wait to get a clear result, just for the peace of mind.

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My vasectomy was 25 years ago but 1st sample was a month after and then a 2nd a month later. Letter came a couple of weeks later saying all clear. Certainly dont recall any advice on needing multiple ejaculations.

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Thank you for your replies so far.

I know it is better to be safe than sorry - I just wish we could get an appointment so we know at least it is coming up soon. Feels like this could last forever!

I might see if he will contact the GP to see if they can do anything as suggested - good call!

My hubby did also suggest that we could do what we wanted to do right after my period (as I wouldn’t be fertile) - I do keep a track of my cycle and know when I’m ovulating so that could be a good shout too x

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It’s hard to say, I never went back mostly because they never got in touch and I forgot, it worked for us and it is a very successful operation but obviously its different for others, I know my surgeon did the remove a bit, tied and heat sealed on mine, the knots I can feel and I remember smelling the other bit! He did the belt and braces as it was the most successful way but did admit it was almost impossible to reverse, to us that obviously wasn’t a problem as we wouldn’t have been there otherwise.
I can appreciate your anxiety though.

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