Vasectomy prep...

I'm off for a vasectomy at the end of the week and since i'm getting a 'value' procedure on the NHS i have been instructed to shave balls and base of penis myself! (i've also got to put on my own numbing cream - but I can't complain since it's been v quick and its free!) Does anyone have any advice about shaving vs hair removal creams for this area? Thanks

Did they provide the numbing cream? And was there enough to save for later, er, games?

Lol - yup, and a big plaster! The doc told me to put it all on 'just in case'... and in the circumstances i'm not inclined to ignore his advice!!!

I'd say removal cream cos its removes everything (Nair bikini hair removal cream is great- quick, painless and oddly fun considering you get to pull your own fluff out of its roots. Doesnt hurt just feels weird lol). shavimg isnt as clean and its hurts if you cut yourself (oh the irony...)

But then I'm a girl, so the people with balls might have different ideas!

Thanks crayola. after managing to nick my nuts a couple of times whilst just trimming everything back a bit I will be going for the hair removal cream... as you say the irony with shaving is i might end up doing the op myself... if it wasnt bad enough with the wrinkly skin, the buggers keep moving about!!!

Then I'll have 18 weeks to wait and a quota to fill before getting a final test (not that i'm complaining)