Vasectomy 🤔

Hi all,
I had a vasectomy a few years back, and would like to try a cock ring that goes around the balls too.

My only concern is that it might hurt, has anyone done the same and does it hurt?

Had a vasectomy a few years ago, I have no issues at all using cock rings or any other toy that goes round the balls. No pain at all. I guess it depends on the specifics of how you had the procedure but I have had no issues.

It's a little tender around where the knots are.
But I can't remember if it was like this before.

had vasectomy few years ago and had no issues with cock rings, on holiday i wear a metal one for 2 weeks and have no discomfort what so ever

I had a vasectomy back in early par of this year and have worn a cock ring again after a few months with no issues, just use plenty of lube and keep hair short is the best advice i have seen

Ive never experiencey any problems. you will need to wait till your fully healed and all bruisng is steeled but there shoudl nt be an issue.

The title of this thread made me cry........

Well, try one, you can always return it for something else if you want?

What, a Vasectomy?