Vibrating eggs

Looking at purchasing a vibrating egg I’m looking for somthing with a long tail for retrieval purposes and something that is vaginally and anal safe :slight_smile: looking to possibly get one for both myself and the OH !

Somthing that can be positioned and then worn out on a date or somthing would be amazing app controlled evan better !

We have a few panty vibes that the OH finds uncomftetable and the slide out of position easy! ( we vibe moxie )

Any suggestions or experiences would be great thank you

Hmmm don’t think they can be used in both entrances, a vibrating butt plug would be best for that rear entry :thinking::smirk::shushing_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Eggs are not really suitable for anal use as there’s nothing to stop them disappearing inside. I know that video’s often show the Lovense egg being used anally but the manufacturers don’t recommend it.


As others have said, eggs aren’t great to use anally as the retrieval cords could potentially be sucked in and even if it works for a while, they are likely to break eventually as they aren’t tested for the force required to pull a toy through the sphincters. (Some will even break purely with vaginal use).

Have you considered something like the We Vibe Chorus, which has an adjustable arm that clicks into place, or the Lovense Quake which is a little larger so may stay in your partner’s vagina a little better?