Vibrating love egg & Mirena coil

Hi all!

I'm looking for some advice to a probably very daft question please :-)

I've just bought the LH remote control vibrating love egg for some outdoor public fun with my OH, but realised I have the MIrena coil. Will this cause problems?

I doubt I'm the only woman ever been I. This situation, so the voice of experience will be grateful for any opinions ;-)


It isn't clear what problems you are concerened about, but there aren't any that I can foresee. Given the Mirena coil is Interurterine, love-eggs or any other vaginal sex toy should not interfere with it in anyway.

Hope you're reassured.

PS I'm a Doctor, if it isn't already clear.

TatAddict: just realised my response may sound a touch curt. Please accept my apologies.

Rest assured, it isn't a daft question. When there is something one knows little about, where one perceives even the remotest threat to safety or health; feeling uncertain or a little coy about a matter is perfectly natural and reasonable. So there is absolutely no need to feel awkward if you do.

By the way: Wlecome!

Here's something one of my sex educator friends told me when looking into various info about toys

"... internally worn contraception and sex toys- eg. Nuvaring/diagpragm can affect movement of love balls, coil shouldn't be affected by toy"

I personally trust them, though they have found this out through there work, they haven't had much time to look into it further. Hope this helps.

I doubt a love egg would affect it. Although i did have to get mine removed last week as it was hanging out. Im kind of suspicious it may of started to come out through to much rough n deep sex :(

Baby_Lu, I'm sceptical that rough sex would cause the Mirena to be expelled, even partially. Interuterine Systems/Devices are designed to remain in situ permanently (aside from their replacement after useful life has come to an end) during sex gentle/deep/rough etc.…Such as it is, I would imagine it happened naturally or there's another reason. If you have any concerns, it's definitely worth discussing them with your GP, especially if s/he has an interest in Gynæcology.

I have the IUD which is basically the same thing. I am able to do everything I would do normally with it. I can't feel it and the OH can't feel the strings when inside me. They are there of course.