vibrating tounge rings! dissapointed can any1 reccomend...

just picked up a wee spur of the moment tounge ring thing in anne summers while i was in getting something else..i thought if OH didnt like it i sure would but it wont even stay on! just slips off ggrrr has any1 tried the love honey ones? if so were they any good?? thanks x

The same issues are there unfortunately. With any sort of tongue ring they are pretty tricky to leave on!

I'd suggest investing in a bullet and using the vibration from that. If you intend to use it whilst giving oral- then you can just use it on your cheek while you have him in you.

Hope that helps and good luck in finding something suitable.

Thanks :) shame isnt it...a vibrating tounge would be unbeatable lol! x

Oh! I did find this- Seems to have a good rating but is out of stock at the moment.

I think it's "only" for those who have a piercing- not too sure though. There is a product video for clarification.

I found tongue rings hard to use and pretty dangerous too, I almost chocked on one! I couldn't get them to stay in place no matter what I tried.

It's such a shame, I really want to buy a pair of these, but after a bunch of reviews on them it seems a bad decision. Nymeria's right though definitely gets the best reviews, and seems the only worth while option. Maybe one day, I'll jump in and give them a go!