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I am in the early stages of a LDR and he wants me to send him a video of when I am masturbating. I am not against the idea at all but there are some things getting in the way (not just the fact that I don’t live alone and it can be difficult to get time to myself so I can take the time to relax and get into it)... the other issues are: - my partner wants to see as much of my body as possible in the video, not just an up-close video... so I have thought about doing it whilst sitting in front of a full-length mirror. - I am plus size and my self esteem is pretty crap and I’m nervous and whilst I have watched myself masturbate, I’ve been focused on watching what I am doing, rather than the rest of my body as I don’t like looking at it. Before people ask, it’s early stages of the relationship and he’s not seen me completely naked except for in a picture or two. I feel a video is different as there’s things moving!! Any tips from any ladies that have done this - or pointers from guys that like viewing stuff like this - would be great :)

I have done this with my fella I'm with now, I don't have much confidence but he never pressured me so I randomly surprised him one night when he was least expecting, I set my phone up on my TV unit directed to my bed n I didn't think twice about it just got on with it just make sure your relaxed and comfortable doing it just don't send it him while he's at work if he works as I made that mistake with my fella whoops 🤭 😂 xx

Have often asked my OH to send pics and especially vids over WhatsApp when I'm working away but has the same reservations.

I love seeing natural vids so try setting up the phone/camera away from the bed and try to forget its there. Also have a look on twiiter (if you have it) there are some great accounts with vidoes try searching swingers.

Good luck but don't be pressurised either x

I did this for my hubby, he didn't ask me to, but I do struggle a lot with self loving, especially getting to orgasm by myself, but I set the phone up, and gave it a go, have to say my hubby loved it, he loves to FaceTime me and watch too, it's like he's there with me almost x Just don't do anything that you're not comfortable with, if your unsure, don't do it.

thanks for your replies @Rachlou88 @IntriguedCouple & @justthe2ofus2007 :) Just wanted to clarify - I do want to do it for him, he’s not pressurising me, if anything I am putting too much pressure on myself because of the lack of love for my body! I mean, it seems silly especially if he’s going to get a kick out of it and I get an orgasm or two at the same time! x

As long as your comfortable then go for it don't think about how you look I'm sure he loves u how u are 🙂 I'm very unhappy with my body but my fella loves my curves xx

If this is something you wish to do for firstly YOU and him, out of our own free choice, and he is wanting you to do it I say OWN it and do it. Own your body, own your sexual confidence and what ever angle you get he wont care, he will be beside himself seeing you so aroused and pleasuring yourself. However a few simple and well known tricks; arch your back, if holding phone/recording device in your hand hold it above your head looking down your body when lieing down, and less is more .... use covers and blankes to help hide areas of your body you dont feel comfertable with but do it in a way that makes it seem like you are being sexy and holding back that last little bit, will drive him wild and keep you feeling good about what you send. Do some close ups of your face when you are really into it! Last of all just have fun with it, that is the most important part :)

I love making flms on my phone or with my video camera, First thing when making a video for the first time is you need to feel confident/comfortable in doing it if you are not sure it's your thing to do then don't do it until you are sure, then you need to trust that person with your video he may not share it right now but are you sure he wont share it if you ever break up, What would it feel like if he did share it, these things you need to think about.

When you are filming just go with what you want to do don't think of what he would like to see just do what you normally would do, he will like it no matter what you do, If it was me i would forget what he said about seeing all of your body, Tease him with your first video with a close up maybe wearing something sexy he will like it no matter if he can only see a bit of your body, tease him with a message saying the next video i do will be better with my whole body. But you have to tell me how much you liked this video before you get a better one.

This way if he tells you what he liked it may give you ideas on what he might like to see in the next video.

I have made many videos of different things i never give away the whole thing straight away that way you can make future videos of the same thing making it more sexier

Little example: I'm in to peeing outdoors but squatting like women do, I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with a peeing video so my first video was just a close up shot not showing my body and face, when she saw that video she loved it, she had no idea i was going to do another video, in that one she saw me walk to a place and pull my trousers down a bit and then the peeing and that was a full shot of me, she loved that even more not even thinking she would see another peeing video.

Always best to give the viewer a glimpse of things to start off with to tease them

I send my husband videos a lot , but this is on really a recent thing (a good few months now) I have only ever done close ups but I might try a full frontal soon. I was really paronoid about sending them though Whats App e.t.c so I found a private app called SIGNAL you can lock it with passwords and put your private pics and vids in the app as well. So if you lose your phone its locked away in a secret app. I know when I get a notification from the app that its going to be my husband talking dirty, so I make sure im away from prying eyes before I open it.

Buy a tripod for, just a small desktop one, get them cheap online. That way you won’t see yourself but will be able to capture the full image. Also will free up your hands and allow you to get in a more comfortable position.

thanks all - really apprciated! 😘 xx

Boomplus wrote:

Buy a tripod for, just a small desktop one, get them cheap online. That way you won’t see yourself but will be able to capture the full image. Also will free up your hands and allow you to get in a more comfortable position.

Or just a clip on webcam for your computer