Virgin regarding sex toys!!! Hygiene question!

Hi all! I just placed my first order! I took advantage of the GBP10 for three toys and purchased these I have never used a sex toy before! As I am a little bit crazy with hygiene, and since the toys are made of different material, is it safe to clean them all with soap and water? And how can I clean the pocket rocket? Thanks darlings!

The ones that aren't waterproof you have to be careful when cleaning them - obviously you don't want the batteries getting wet. Instead of soap and water, I would suggest at item such as these...

I would advice if its not water tight probably use baby wipes or a damp cloth.

Hi S_F welcome to the forums

I would second the recommendation for the sqwerty cleaner, I use it for toys and my asthma inhaler and had no problems with it.

Other than that baby wipes are good for a quick clean up and then use the toy cleaner on a regular basis


Thank you all!

I will place another order next week, and I will include the sqwerty cleaner.

I am looking forward to receiving the toys!