Virgin seeking advice!

Hi everyone.

Rather embarassingly, I am still a virgin at aged 21. I guess I am just quite scared about having sex for the first time - it sounds silly, but I don't know what to actually do?! Is it just a case of letting him go inside me, or is there some sort of action to accompany it?!

Also, what is the 'norm' in terms of pubic hair for a female? I can't see myself shaving it all, but what exactly does "trimmed" mean?

Apologies for what probably seems like really silly questions, but they are one of the very few things i can't find an answer to on google!


Don't worry it will come naturally, provided your partner is not a virgin also, then it would be a bit like the blind leading the blind - which could be fun!! No honestly, sex can be akward at first, but you will learn fast - just make sure you protect yourself (buy and keep some condoms in case he 'forgets' when things get steamy)

As for pubic hair, well everyone is different. I like women natural, but think I'm in minority, but keep it how you feel confortable. Trim could be anything from a bikini line, to a 'landing strip' or the likes - or it could be keeping it all, but keeping it trimmed and tidy, a bit like men do with beards.

And there are no silly questions on here (just somtimes silly answers hahaha) Good luck x.

Trimmed basically means getting some scissors or a lady shaver (Like electric beard trimmers) and making the hair shorter. You can trim it as short as you want thats down to personal choice really.

As for sex, you can lay completely still and let him go inside you but that is considered a little rude I think generally, or it could seem that you are not enjoying it. However, your first time is your first time and is pretty nerve wracking. I imagine you will be losing it with a guy you trust enough to tell him how you feel. In that case if you dont want to move because you are afraid then tell him. Do what feels naturally.

Generally us women do tend to move though and the action tends to be hip rocking, or hip thrusting, or hip rotating, all give different sensations. Basically, imagine you are trying to push your vagina forward, and then pull it back. Kinda like that lol. (Actually similar to sexy dancing, they do say dancing is a perpendicular action of a horizontal desire...or something)

The movements will come more naturally as you experience the sensations, learn what feels good for you etc.