Visit Lovehoney?

Just a thought for us using Lovehoney too purchase our delights Has Love Honey ever offers a guided tour of their building. either as groups or individuals.?


Not that i know of, but there was a behind the scenes documentary a few years ago.

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That was quite funny, I loved the folk in the returns department.


I vaguely remember, what was it called?

Frisky Business was the name name of the show


And The Joy of Sex Toys. I believe both series are called The Joy of Sex Toys now when they air (on Lifetime at least :slightly_smiling_face:)

haven’t checked but they might be on youtube

If I visited, I’d never leave :joy:

Woman found dead 30 years after guided tour at Lovehoney HQ. Her remains were discovered upon a mountain of silicone dicks.


@Blonde_Bunny you would be buzzing for days


I’ve just moved to Bath so would also love to have a walk round lovehoney, little day out with the wife ha :+1:t2:

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There was a documentary series on tv a few years ago that took you behind the scenes, i can’t remember the title but i bet some fellow members can, then you may be able to watch it on catch up?

Frisky Business and The Joy of Sex Toys (though both now often appear as two seasons of The Joy of Sex Toys). :+1:

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Thanks will! Just thought it would be a nice day out and leave with a nice toy or spreader bar for that night’s fuck :joy:

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