Waist size

Ok, was just wondering what waist size i am.

Bear with me! I am currently wearing 30 inch waist jeens. They fit well, with a little room to spare. However, my tape measure says i'm 33 inches. So i'm rather confused. I only ask, as i'm looking to buy some latex stuff from here. The sizes are

29-31 inches

32 - 35 inches

So I don't know which size to get. DO i go for the 29-31 based on my jeens... or do i etthe biger size?

Please let me knowas i'm going to buy it asap!

Bigger size as latex doesnt have any give

Ok, thanks KF. I'll probably o that then. ALthough i'm concerend that if i get the bigger size it wont fit me snugly. I don't want it to be too small, but i dont want it to be too loose either.

Def. always the bigger size; Im about a 33 waist, but in some clothing lines im 32 & others over 34!

A slightly larger size also helps with peeling it off afterwards.

http://www.latex2go.com/content/content.numo?ida=33&idas=62 might be of use.

Latex has LOADS of give.... it's 100% stretchy and designed to be very tight. (think of latex gloves and condoms - they use latex because of its amazing stretchy quality)

Don't forget that latex also becomes looser as it warms with your body temperature.

When your latex arrives it should *look* too small, but stretch to fit. It will be a mission to get in and out of, but that's completely normal. Also, don't ever expect to be able to just put on a latex garment like a normal piece of clothing ie without either lubing up or dousing yourself and the clothing in talc first. (If you can get into a latex outfit without a little powder / lubrication to help you in, it's too big.)

Also, when it comes to clothing sizes (like the jeans you're wearing) lots of highstreet shops use "vanity sizing" = they make the size smaller in the label so you feel like you're buying a smaller size / you feel better about yourself. Never trust this as your true size. You should always go by your measurement on your tape measure, and make sure you measure the point of your body where the latex will sit. (eg: a low rise pair of jeans will have a totally different waist measurement to a high waisted pair).