Waist Training

Has anyone tried waist training?

I have a couple of events coming up where I will be around "skinny minis" and I'm likely to be the only plus size person in the vicinity.

One both occasions I will be wearing full length dresses, so I was wondering if a waist training corset would help give me the illusion of an hour glass figure.

I'm happy with my size so I'm not looking to "slim down" or diet in case I lose my beautiful boobs. (I'm likely to be the only one in the room with boobs - so the twins will be making an appearance) :-p

But I really don't want to look like the elephant in the room!

Thank you x

I've not waist-trained, but did wear something that could be used as a trainer after I had a small back op. It was hideously ugly to look at, but under clothes took in all my lumps and bumps and really defined my waist.

Mine was a sports brace (check out elastic abdominal binder on eBay), and I got it for £8. To get over the hideousness a bit, I cold-water dyed it black (it also didn't show through clothes then). If you get the one I had, there's a wide velcro strip so you can go as tight or loose as you want or put a small shape in it.

I couldn't wear it tight after op but even snug, it makes a huge difference. I'm hourglass shaped anyway (but am quite well-padded), but I have a pair of love handle-type lumps on my hips that I've always hated as they've always spoiled the smooth waist-to-hip curve. I've considered lipo over the years, but this "trainer" gets rid of them enough that I'd now consider a proper corset type garment instead.

I recommend a corset to anyone, you will feel so fabulous wearing one!

Just practice a couple of times before your events to avoid feeling uncomfortable :)

I use the good old SPANX thighs up to the bust line to help with all that. Not sexy looking but works.

Depending on the dress a corset would also be good just don't cinch too tight that you cant enjoy your event!

Thanks for the quick responses.

But at one event my 14yo neice and I will be wearing matching dresses, which is fine but she's tall and all lovely long legs but no boobs.

Which is why I was thinking of waist training for me, and something else for her to give her the illusion of a small bust - nothing to much as she's only 14. (To me she will always be that little princess aged 8 in my wedding photos)

VR - I think I've seen something along those lines in the Argos catalogue of all strange places. As there not very expensive I might just give it ago. Thank you.

I usually layer my Spanx with a body suit thingie I have. Which always works wonders until you need to pay a visit. But for this event I'm thinking I might need something more.

Labyrinth - I did have a look at some corsets but I'm not sure if some of them would show through (the outline of the laces for example)

I don't have personal experience of them but a friend has used them a swear by them. She's worn them under outfit an looks amazing they do certainly give her an hour glass figure

Am I too old for waist training I wonder! My body isn't what it use to be!

I seem to live in my spanx these days lol

I actually performed burlesque for a few years and waist trained for maybe 4 years all together. First off, there is a difference between waist training, which physically changes your body and muscles over a long period and time, and a cincher. It sounds to me like the latter might be what you're looking for more as it can take months of effort and training to get the results of proper and healthy waist shaping. A cincher, which is basically a fancy girdle, will give you that instant appearance without impacting how you move or eat too much. If you are really interested in waist training, I suggest you try the cincher first and see how that works. For me, I went to steel boned corsets for performing in WAY too fast and had some breathing problems. Even if you're just standing or sitting for any period of time that is a lot of stress on a body that hasn't practiced with the restriction. Plus, a proper waist training corset that is well made is going to cost a bomb. Hope that helps!

Corsets <3

Bex has basically got it down: if you're wanting just to define your shape for the odd event, you don't want to waist train. That's long term, full time, and semi-permanent. And hella 'spensive.

But whack a corset under your dress and you'll be fine.

A few sites do mesh 'stealth corsets' that have a lower profile and hideable laces so can be worn under clothes without issue.
I recommend measuring yourself properly, getting a corset for around a 1 inch reduction, and ensuring that it has spiral steel boning. Plastic is crap, and flat steel is painful.
Wear it a few times first to break it in, and you should be fine.

As for hiding laces, you can drop them down the back flat, and have the bow and bundle of leftover lace below your butt, so it hangs in the space where a dress naturally curves away from your body, thus hiding it.
I personally tie my laces round my waist and in the front of y corset, but a lot of people say no to that at risk of damaging the panelling.


From a guys point of view I think most women look fabulous in the new trend of evening maxi dresses . I prefer these more to mini dresses . I just think they have that look of elegance and sophistication .i will be buying my Mrs one for the family Christmas meet up . The downside of these dresses is that because they are very long they don't hold up to well for pub crawls around town etc. Ideally these are a cab ride to the door type of dress .

They are ideal for wearing a corset undrneath perhaps something sexy for later ?

For whatever you decide on I am sure you will look fabulous with whatever company you are in .

It's something I'd love to try out but it's the money that stops me :( I found a mini waist trainer in a high street store for £5, which clinches the waist under clothes and it looked pretty good ^_^

Thank you everyone for your replies, I will be off to town in the new year to investigate all the suggested options.

If you get an underbust corset, steel bone, then you'll be able to get a nice waist to hip change. Wear it a couple of times first to get the feel of it. With steel bones, you want to wear it laced snug but not tight for a while, let it warm up to your body, and then tight lace it after :)