Wand attachments?!


I just wondered if all of the attachments listed on LH will fit the Lovehoney Deluxe Extra Powerful Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator and if not which ones do!

Also looking for recommendations of some new toys to use my £40 for £20 deal on!


Hello 🙂

Here's an information page on choosing wand attachments -


Today I used my £20 voucher to get the Desire Curve G-spot vibrator and the VeDo LUV Power, both of which are also in the 50% off sale as well. So, along with a few points I had knocking around, I got them for £21.50. I'm currently hunting for something(s) for £15 so I can bundle them up with the Desire Steel G-spot Dildo and do the same again. 🙂


I'm useless at finding these things!