Wand attachments

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As a wand lover I am considering purchasing attachments and was just wondering if anyone who has experience with them could help please??
Not sure if I’m posing in the right area so please correct me if I’m wrong. As I find this page mega confusing to work :see_no_evil:

Right place.

What information are you looking for?

Just wanting to know what attachments people have and how they rate them?

Personally i have a stroker attachment which has a sleeve for the penis thats lined with soft nodules and it feels amazing.
Also have one thats like a cup that sits on the head of the penis and has similar nodules, not as good as the sleeve in my opinion but still very good.

Am considering the G-spot attachment for a possible next one as i have heard good things


Thankyou, its the g spot one I was considering x

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I have the g spot attachment.
It is good and it certainly got me to squirt but the vibrations dont seem to be very strong throughout the attachment.

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Thankyou @Newton27 x

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I’m afraid they’re not our specialty, but there’s a Lovehoney Guide that may be useful?

Guide: Massage Wand Attachments

And there’s plenty of old topics to sift through if you fancy a read while you wait for some more replies. :+1:


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We have the gspot and male hummer and love them both!

I have a Doxy Die Cast and I wanted a good G-spot attachment. I ended up getting the edited by mod somewhere else which proved to be rather big in real life, much bigger than your normal G-spot wand attachments, I’d say. If you like bigger attachments though it’s insanely good as it puts a lot of consistent pressure on your sweet spot. Money definitely well spent. Otherwise look for smaller G-spot attachments on Lovehoney, e.g. their own brand or LH also sell’s Doxy’s.

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Hello and welcome @Forkissima :slightly_smiling_face:

Just an FYI, but mentioning Lovehoney competitors is against the forum rules, so you may want to edit that to ‘somewhere else’. :+1: (you can edit your post by using the pencil icon at the bottom)


Thanks a lot, Ian, forum newbie here. X
I’ll edit the post. I see it now in forum guidelines.

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