Wand replacement !

Hi everyone ! I don’t know if anyone can remember these but I had the ** EDITED ** unicorn wand form here many years ago now and it’s finally broke! Absolutely gutted could cry! But we were looking for a recommendation on a new wand. We already have the LH mains wand but wondering what’s everyone else’s thoughts as this ones getting a bit old now too! Thanks, look forward to hearing your responses!

The metallic mains wand is good, i recently reviewed it, if that helps! 🙂

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I love my lovehoney mains powered wand my favourite all time "toy"...I have the mantric wand too lots of various settings and speeds and it's rechargable AND waterproof so bathtime and showertime fun...no need to be near a socket...not as powerful as the mains wand though and takes more effort to get there...

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Had a wand delivered today, my first one a Lovehoney basic small number will keep you posted ..

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@willc Thank you!! Will have a look at this one

I have had the lovehoney mains powered wand for ages and i love it.
Recently bought a doxi wand. Its huge and seems to have alot more power.
Pricey but i had discount codes etc

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Yes, I have the doxy wand too , it’s great for power… a deep rumble not a buzz but it’s very loud!


I heartily recommend the Magic Wand Rechargeable, it’s only available for American plugs but I charge mine with an adapter and it works just the same.

It’s famous for a reason! It honestly completely revolutionized my sex life, I’ve written a review for it that should hopefully get approved soon if you want to know exactly what I think of it xx

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I really want to try a doxy wand do you know if they’re any more powerful or the same as the LH mains wand ?? Thanks for replying to me !

@Sappho Thank you I’ll be sure to check it out ! X


Thanks for the reply that’s good to know. I think I’ll have to look at getting one now I’ve gone through two mains wands now over past few years so I’m due a new purchase !

Glad we could be of help :blush: i hope you enjoy which ever one you choose next

@zombifiedguy Ahh thank you appreciate the help with such a big purchase you can never be so sure !

@Coleena, I haven’t had any experience of the Lovehoney wand so I can’t really comment on that but I’m sure there are plenty of reviews on it if you want to check them out .
I can however vouch for the power of the Doxy wand. Honestly, it nearly blew my socks off and that was on one of the lower settings :crazy_face: The only drawback is the loudness of it…it sounds like a power tool!