Wand suggestions

Could anyone suggest a wand (or something else - see last paragraph!) that might be suitable for someone with a very sensitive clitoris?

I have a wand but it is just too powerful, my OH tried to use it on me the other day and it felt great through his hand (hand cupping me and wand on the back of his hand) but he found it uncomfortable on his hand since it was too powerful and the material too hard. We switched to a different vibrator and I had my first ever “hands free” orgasm. I had to readjust his position quite a few times but it was amazing that he made me come and I’d like to do it again (lots!).

Basically, I need something that has low, rumbly vibrations that can be turned down to lower power but I’d like something that applies the vibrations over a wide area, partly due to sensitivity and partly because it means that my OH can use it on me without me having to constantly adjust his position and there is a much lower chance of him mistakenly directly touching my clit (which due to a nerve condition is very painful!). Ultimately I’d like him to be able to tie me up, blindfold me and use a vibrator on me but I need to be able to trust that he won’t accidentally touch my clit and make me scream in pain rather than pleasure!! It might be that a wand isn’t really the best option but it’s the only thing I can think off.

Any suggestions of wand or other options would be lovely x

I reckon @Ian_Chimp will be able to give some advice.
He has vast knowledge on wands :wink:

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The Tracey Cox Squishy wand has a liquid silicone layer that makes it really cushioned. It also makes the vibes more muted than silicone or abs, which may work in your favour too. :+1:

And there’s a whole range of them if you fancy a diffent shape?

The pebble and the g-spot one have 50% off at the moment:


My first thought is the Tracey Cox squishy wand.

The head is filled with liquid silicone so is quite gentle.

I see @Ian_Chimp had the same thought :+1:t2:


I would suggest something like a pebble vibrator. Probably the rumbliest one would be the We Vibe Touch X but other options would be the Mantric , Desire or the Tracey Cox one , which as @Ian_Chimp says is part of a collection of squishy toys that will dampen the vibration somewhat.


Never thought about a pebble, that’s another good idea. @Calie - are the vibrations equally powerful all over the pebble or more so at one end? Just wondering if I could use it the wrong way up if one end is less powerful

Normally they are more powerful in the “tip” as they are designed for the tip to be on the clitoris, but for all the pebbles I’ve seen and tried, you could certainly use a different end or side to get a weaker vibration closer to your clitoris.

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if you are keen on having a wand you might think about one of the ‘Midi’ rechargeable ones. They are less powerful than a mains wand but still rumbly rather than buzzy.

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Not a bad idea actually! Might look a bit daft but a cheap fix :rofl: :rofl:

It looks as though you’ve had some great suggestions already.

I don’t have much experience of wands but I do have the matric rechargeable want which might be suitable for you. I get the impression it is less powerful than mains wands and as it is silicon it has a really nice feel. If you don’t enjoy direct stimulation on your clitoris perhaps you could try using it just on your mons or vulva.

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Keeping your clothes on can be good as it will muffle the vibes. Have you got a too powerful toy that you could test it out on? If it works it might open up a whole new trove of toys to try. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got my old wand. I sometimes use other toys through my clothes but it doesn’t really work when you want access to other areas though :joy: putting something over the toy might solve that problem :grinning:

We did that with the Tango. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s plastic, and Mrs Chimp preferred the softer silicone toys, so it was used once and left to languish in the box. We then got a little silicone finger vibrator with a removable bullet, and swopped the Tango in instead. That worked great. :+1: The silicone sleeve softened out the Tango enough for Mrs Chimp, and the finger vibrator got a welcome power boost. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My Misses has the LH wand, for her it’s very powerful and can literally make her cum in minutes sometimes that can be to fast for her to enjoy the play and obviously it’s can also be convenient. The biggest problem with her LH wand is it’s mains powered so can be very loud. So much so she hasn’t used it for quite a while because our 15 year old daughter is just on the other side of the wall between our bedrooms and 15 years old can’t be fobbed off with unconvincing stories of what making that vibrating noise and why mum is making so much noise!

Misses loves the tango, we now have two after miss placing, replacing and then finding the original. For her it’s one of the toys that never fails to give her an orgasm. Everyone is different though and we’ve bought toys based on some terrific reviews that have totally failed for her.