Wand Working Abroad

We are going to New York next month and obviously want to take a couple of toys with us. Our favourite is the mains plug wand. Will this work as well in the USA bearing in mind they have different voltage to the UK?

Apologies if that’s a silly question!

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I would think as long as you get an adaptor plug that it will be grand.

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Just need to pack a travel plug converter

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It may be OK but as the voltage is 110v as opposed to 220v you may find the wand runs slower.

To run USA items in the UK you definitely need a voltage convertor not just a plug adaptor.

It depends on the wand. The Doxy 3 comes with UK, EU and US plugs, and will work in any of these countries, no adaptor needed.

Rechargeable wands will usually power up from USB 5.5v standard supply.

Yeah should work but have to remember they use different plug sockets to us