Which wand do you have is it good how do they work :-/ Its new to me I keep looking at them thinking its a lot if im not going to like it then someone adised this for me for couples play http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28560 which is making me think mmmm shall i shant I.

Do i need an attachment for the wand to use on my self or can it be used as it is?

Its totally new for me lol

I waited ages for mine because I need waterproof also my toys have to be quiet I'd love a Lelo wand but am so impressed with my aqua one, though battery operated I love mine, in fact is becoming the most used toy I've got. In fact thinking of saving for a large Lelo one for Christmas that's how impressed I am

You can use it without an attachment, but there is some offers at the minute where you get an included attachment.


This wand comes with this for free!! -


Or there's this wand that comes with an attachment and a toy case -


I bought the micro wand it looked good and petite but my boyfriend smashes it up in a jealousy rage so I never got around to using it. I could of imagined it to be good though by how powerful the vibrations were.

I got the delux LH wand for my wife as both a treat and punishment ha ha. I can't speak for her but I can say I never heard her make them noises before ;)

As stated you don't need the attachment for you to use it but I also treated her to the Lilly attachment and she loves it.

Just make sure the wand can take attachments. I know the LH wands do.

You already know I like the sleave attachment for blokes. She seems to really enjoy it with or without attachments. I will say its louder than most toys but not rediculus.

Hope you do treat yourself and OH to it. I could not recommend this and the attachments we have enough. Definitely both mine and my wife's favourite toy.


I have the LH deluxe wand, and the aqua body wand.

If you can afford it i would definately recommend mains powered. They are amazing :)

I have this wand & I squirt and it didn't like that after lots and lots and lots of use and started sparking and smoking but LH sent me a new one but I highly recommend this its amazeballs http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=21234

I recommend this... its fantastic.... Never looked back...Its so powerful I actually had to take a break after using it as it was so intense... I've never experienced an orgasm like it. Mains is definetly the way to go !!


Others I am sure will do the same thing...Not the quietest of toys but then neither were my screams and takes a bit of getting use to as its quite big and long and you can get yourself tied up in knots with the cord but after a while when you get sorted its ...'Wow'

Was lacking internal stimulation at the same time though so I got this recently too... NOt had chance to try it yet and the reviewes are mixed but will see.


My wife always wanted to buy a wand, so I treated her to one recently, she loves it, had an orgasam within 2 minutes and now has 4 attachements.

It's a great toy to use together as a couple but she also says she loves to use it alone, has a Lelo wand as well but reckons this Delux is so much better.

I have the LH Deluxue with a G-Spot attatchment. Its my most used toy ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Bit late, but wanted to share my thoughts. Just got this toy and finally tried it. It's great for couple, my OH loves using it on me because it really makes me move and moan. You can rotate and angle it any way you want. It's not just for your clit though, you can use it to build up blood in the rest of your bits. I really like it angled and pushed in towards me, and up a bit so it hits me directly. Either that or angled the same way during sex so he pushes it into me.

I have the aqua wand, but haven't yet used it in the bath or shower. Waiting to write my review til then. But I definitly recommend it, for solo or couples.