Quick question I have owned a lovehoney wand for sometime which has had a good amount of use in that time However i j have noticed a loss of power lately anyone else had the same experience thanks

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Could be the age and loss of the batteries ability to full recharge… Somethingthat happens to old batteries, just like us…
Durecell bunny when we are young and old and worn out later in life :joy:

Hi thanks for replying but its a mains wand

Not had it with a mains powered wand but other things like clippers, kitchen whisks, etc.
I don’t think they can keep that power for ever, but may be an issue - flag it up with customer services and see what they say.
They are brilliant at responding.

But no harm in treating yourself to a new one.


Maybe youve just got too used to it.
Treat yourself to a more powerful one.

Good idea which one tho

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I dont know, but someone will read post and advise im sure… It is LHF :thinking:

If you want real power you can purchase attachments on line for DIY tools.
I made a sex machine for OH using a windscreen wiper motor… My next project is an electric chainsaw with latex tongues instead of cutting teeth. Might need to make some adjustments to slow it down though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@AWB1955 We just looked at what was for sale on LH and I let Mrs W choose, she chose a mains-powered one - its up to you, just dive in, get one and take it from there as to whether to try another… I dont think you will regret it…

So if the product is saying its 50 pounds you get it for 25

@AWB1955 Sorry if I did not make myself clear, I meant just go shopping in LH and see what is available and select one… hth

There tends to be a life limit to rechargeable batteries where they gradually start to hold less power in them so might be time you need to upgrade

Unfortunately they don’t last forever and whatever length of time ‘some time’ is, you’ve hopefully had your moneys worth.
Time for a new one before it packs in.


It’s a sad time when your fav toy starts to fail - I have lost a lot of good friends over the years and resigned them to the back of the drawer and then eventually the bin

However then you see the sales and you soon forget your loss when the new toy arrives

Like everything - they have a limited life do you have to get new

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Yes very true I need a new wand but not sure which one plus there is a sale on so bit confused if the.product is 50 does it mean its 50 per cent of that price hope your well

Watch it though - what if the latex comes off and leaves the chain ripping flesh? :drop_of_blood:

Get the same one again if you love it.
With the 50offone code, if the item was £50, then you’ll get it for £25 & then add on delivery.

It doesn’t say when it’s going to finish though, so I would use it quick.

Thank you

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OH has said today that she wants a bigger wand… Hers is about the size of a ping pong ball on top.
What is the best out there please.