Wanking (for the lads)

Hi guys best way to get the most out of solo play? Stop start any tips wanna spice it up a little as single? Plus recently circumcised so may sound odd but wanking is different now than before lol




dead arm

constriction of penis

bum play

orgasm delay/denial

Prostate play all the way

Get a fleshlight they look wierd but you get over it quickly, and it feels much better, more sensation, you don't have to worry about mess, and you can wedge it somewhere or get a shower mount and do your thing.

then lie back relax, find some porn to watch for an hour and take your time to cum.

and I would say, slow and then quick on the bits that excite you the most, rather than stop start, but just experiment

I read Literotica! Definitely gets me going every time.

I really want to get a flesh light but Im back living at home at the moment how easy do you think it would be to use and clean when it's not my home?

My OH enjoys solo play while wearing his ball stretcher, and he also likes a bullet on his balls.

love honey deliver discretely so you should have no problem receiving your flesh light discretely. If you have some music on in your room, or the tv on then no one will hear you using the fleshlight. You could always wrap it in a shirt to take to the bathroom to clean in after use.

As a recently circumcised man your head will be more sensitive that men who have been circumcised all their lives, so you could enjoy head play. A shower attachment could work well for you as long as the other people in your house are use to you being in the bathroom for a while.

Thankyou fun Louise how easy are the flesh lights to dry tho because I can't just leave it hanging around lol

They dry quite quickly maybe 20 mins but if neede you could always leave it out on a clean hand towel to air dry in your room. Another option would be to put it in a draw on a clean towel in your bedroom, leaving the draw open to allow it to dry, but also letting you quickly close the draw and hid your toy if there is a knock at your door.

Good thinking Louise thank you for your advice :) does your OH have a flesh light? If so which one does he recommended?

This made me think of jay on inbertweeners with his dead arm and snorkle mask on

He doesn't have one. I think the ice lady crystal 31503 looks good, several different textures, so the deeper you go the more different sensations you get. The shower attachment fits all.

why not add a few possibilities to your wish list?

I like the idea of the wall mount could use that in the shower so hands free.

I like to get a sheer stocking and some liquid silk lube and have a nice slow wank.

Great feeling is slowly stroking with a full bladder, sensations between pleasure and pain are amazing and makes cock very sensitive. Best do it in bath until mastered it!!!

I like my girlfriend to watch me masterbate and she loves it too

I also like to wear my 3 ring cock cage when wankjng

i have a glove fetish so my black pvc elbow gloves come out with some baby oil. try that & i bet u cant last more than a few mins ! A long thin dildo slid up intensifies the orgasm 10 fold. watch u dont enjoy the latter to much tho because you'l end up ass fcuking ya self everytime u wana wank! (like i do!) its a bit like using margarine al your life, then trying buter on your toast, u just aint gona go back!!

I love wearing this to wank: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=32822

Takes a while to be able to wear and slip on quickly but great thing is that you can wear if for extended periods first - that ring's not at all constricting until you go really hard. I love wearing it under my leathers all day - which helps retain it securely - then can slip off for a wank whenever the mood takes me. OH loved me wearing it too as she says I always give her a harder ride with it in place

Tracey Cox super stroker the pink one. It's on offer at the min too. Not too expensive and makes wanking much more fun on your own or with OH.

fleshlights are a pain to clean, you need a tap and a long time to leave it to dry probably at least 6 hours I leave mine for about a day but nobody comes into my room unless I have advanced warning generally but you probably could use a towel although you would probably want one that didn't leave much fluff.

hiding it, it is big about the length of my forearm (average sized guy), and at it's thickest about 2 inches in diameter, but hide it in a draw and nobody will find it as long as they don't have a rumage

as for noise they can be next to silent depending on the suction you set it too, but some music would easily cover it up at it's loudest.