Wanna be in a TV documentary?

Hi peeps!

We've had a request from Sara Oldfielf - a journalist looking for people to partake in a pilot TV documentary. Could this be you? Please see details below:

Hi, I’m a journalist working on a pilot documentary about people who benefit from sex dolls/robots. I am looking for people who have found they have a positive impact on their lives. Areas we are exploring include loneliness, bereavement and disability. I’d love to hear from any of you who have or do use sex dolls/robots – or is looking to purchase one – with the aim of improving your life or overcoming a challenge.

Some more information about me and the project – I came up with the idea after researching the phenomenon, if I’m honest, largely driven by fear for my future relationships! What I didn’t expect to find was there are cases where using sex dolls/robots may genuinely improve the quality of someone’s life. So the idea was born!

I’m producing the pilot in collaboration with Liz Tucker, an award-winning broadcast journalist and the Managing Director of Verve Productions.

Please contact Sara on sara.oldfield @ hotmail. co. uk (without the spaces!)

Wow this would be an interesting one to watch!

Just did this and had my interview. Highly recommended!

Just wanted to bump this as they’re still looking for more people to speak to. Sara’s a really nice person and easy to speak to. Just like talking to you guys in here. We spoke on the phone then I offered to meet up and she came over and we did some filming. But I’ve used a different name and my face isn’t shown and they’ve offered to disguise my voice. You don’t have to do filming though just answer questions over the phone.